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Click on the assignment title to select it


Click "Start Here" to begin offering feedback on a student's paper

The "Start Here" link is in the Grade column under Handed-In Assignments.
  1. Place your cursor over the orange comment bubble to view any comments left by the student.
  2. View the word count for the submission you're evaluating.
  3. Use the grading timer at the top of the paper to track how long you have been evaluating the paper. You can pause and resume the timer as needed.


Adding feedback

You can add comments to a selection from the essay by following the instructions below.

Highlight student work

Click and drag to select text.


Click to choose an objective

Objectives are shown at the top of the Feedback column at the right and include "Problem, situation, or observation," "Complexity of Narrative," "Resolution (or not)," "Style and Voice," and "Genre."

Select a level by using the arrow buttons


Add a comment (if necessary) and click "Save and Exit"


Click "Add End Comment" to add a final comment if needed

Edit your End Comment in the box or use the recording controls to record a voice comment no longer than sixty seconds.

The "Add End Comment" link appears in the right column under the heading "Grading."

Adding editing marks (blue shields)

You can also add editing marks in line with the text to indicate various errors.

Click into the location where you want to insert the editing mark

Click the editing mark

The editing mark will automatically be placed in the cursor's current location when you click on it.

For more information on customizing editing marks, please read How do I create custom editing marks?.


Using a rubric to give feedback 

Including a rubric is an optional feature, chosen when you first build the assignment.

Click the "Rubric" button

The Rubric button appears in the right column under the heading "Grading."

Click on a cell in each column to select the feedback from that cell

For more information on creating custom rubrics, please read How do I create custom rubrics?.


When you are finished using the rubric, click "Close"


Make feedback visible to students

Your feedback will not be visible to students automatically. You can make the feedback available to them any time after you activate the assignment.

Click the “Make feedback visible to students?” link on the dashboard