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Since grades may be grouped into one or more categories (for example, many instructors create an "Ungraded" or “Extra Credit” category) and categories can be nested inside other categories, we created visual indications in the mobile app to show whether or not a category has a subcategory by displaying bullet-like circles and text in various colors.

  • A first-level category is displayed in orange text with one orange bullet.
  • A subcategory nested within a first level category is displayed in brown text with one orange bullet and one brown bullet.
  • Another subcategory that is below the previous one would be displayed in grey text with one orange, one brown, and one grey bullet.

For example, suppose a class includes essays as part of the Sapling Learning homework in addition to standard problem sets. The instructor might create a “Homework” category with an “Essays” category nested within it. In this case, the homework category text will be displayed in orange with an orange bullet and the essays category text will be displayed in brown with both an orange and a brown bullet. If the “Essays” category has a subcategory below it (e.g., “Extra Credit Essays”), this subcategory would be displayed in grey text with orange, brown and grey colored bullets.