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This article will show you how to use the target score in a LearningCurve activity. Please watch the video below or read the written instructions that follow.

Note: Changing the target score after students have already begun the activity may affect your students' completion status, and students will need to revisit the activity for their grades to update.


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What is the target score?

The target score is the score students have to reach to complete a LearningCurve activity. The default target score is calculated as 150 points per topic in the activity. So if an activity has three topics, it would have a default target score of 450 points.

How do my students reach the target score?

The number of points a student earns for each correct answer varies depending on their performance on other questions in the topic. With the 150 point default target score, the smallest number of questions a student will see per topic is five. This is assuming they answer all questions for that topic correctly. If they answer incorrectly, they will have to answer a larger number of questions in order to reach the target score.

What happens when I change the target score?

If you raise or lower the target score, your students will have to answer more or fewer questions in order to reach that score and complete the activity. Increasing the target score makes the activity longer and decreasing it makes it shorter.

How do I adjust the target score?

Open your LearningCurve activity and click on the Edit Target link found on the activity start screen. Input the new target score in the window that pops up and click Change Target Score.



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Click on the image to zoom in.

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