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The Resources panel allows you to see all of the content that's available from Writer's Help 2.0. Much of the content featured has already been incorporated in the Table of Contents, but not all of it. You can look for content in the Resources panel by searching or filtering content, as shown below.

Go to the Resources panel

From any Writer's Help 2.0 page, click on the Resources tab.


Navigate the Resources panel

Search the Resources

You will see a search field that uses exact words to locate resources, or you may use the content links to locate resources that are listed by type, chapter (alphabetical), content that you've created, and content you've removed.


Filter resources by type

Content by type is the primary search method used to locate resources, such as exercises, assets, directories, charts, videos, quick help, activities, and others.


Filter resources by chapter

Content by chapter lists the chapters from the top level of the Table of Contents alphabetically.


You can start a new search by clicking on Resources at the top of the panel or by clicking the Resources tab on the gray menu bar.


Filter by "Content I've created" or "Removed content"

You will also find two more categories to help locate your content. Content I've created includes custom content you've made for the course, such as a quiz you created from scratch or a document you uploaded. Removed content will house any items you've deleted from the course. If you've deleted items accidentally, you will be able to restore these items to your course from this option.


Once you've narrowed your content to a list of individual items, you may hover your mouse over an item to Add it to the Table of Contents. An item already incorporated in the Table of Contents is shown by a check mark and the phrase In Use.

When you hover your mouse over an item you can add, "+ Add" appears as a link to the left of the item.

When you add an item to the Table of Contents, it will appear at the top of the list under Getting Started.


Expand the section in the Table of Contents that you want to add the item to, then drag and drop it to the correct place.


To close out of the Resources panel, click the X at the upper-right corner of the panel.