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Each Writing Guide consists of a definition of the genre; a list of its key features; a step-by-step set of strategies for exploring, drafting, and revising your work, with space for you to make and save notes for your own project; and one or more samples of a student writing in that genre. To complete an assigned Writing Guide, please see the following steps.

From the home page

Click on the Assignments tab.


From the Assignments page

Click on the title or the arrow next to the Assignment unit which contains the Writing guide you wish to work on. In this case, we will select the Writing guide: Literacy narrative to open.


From the Writing guide page

Read the introduction section and click on the links for more information about the subject. Click on the Next and Previous arrows to move back and forth through the topic.


To complete the Writing guides:

  1. Read the Introduction.
  2. Use the spaces given to answer the Writing guide questions. The text boxes may be enlarged by grabbing the lower right corner of the box and dragging it out.
  3. When you are satisfied with what you've written, click Submit.

    Note: Once you click Submit, your answer cannot be changed. A completed Writing guide assignment cannot be retaken.

  4. Your Writing guide is provisionally accepted when submitted. Once your instructor has evaluated it, it will be graded and will record to your Gradebook.
  5. You can navigate to another page, or log out and back in again. You will be able to answer any remaining Writing guides when you return.

To get to the next page, click Next. Click Previous to get back to the previous page.

You must answer all of the Writing guides and Submit them all to complete your assignment. If you do not Submit and complete all of the Writing guides, you will get a zero for a grade. Your score will not show at the top of the page or report to Gradebook until all the Writing guides are answered.


For more information and samples on drafting a thesis, click on the blue link, working thesis. To see a sample of a Writing guide assignment, click on the sample literacy narrative link. If you'd like to exchange ideas, details, and papers with a classmate, click on peer review.


Continue to arrow forward, reading, clicking links for more information, and answering the Writing guides until you get to the last page, where you will be able to view the Sample student writing: Literacy narrative. When you are at the end of the assignment, you will not be able to use the Next arrow—it will be grayed out. You can return to review your answers, page by page, using the Previous arrow, or click Home to get back to your assignment page.