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LearningCurve is an adaptive self-study program for students that quickly adapts to what students know and helps them practice what they don’t yet understand.

Watch the following video for insight into the student experience, then read the article below to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of LearningCurve.

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About LearningCurve

LearningCurve puts the powerful concept of "self-testing to learn" into action and strategically develops personalized study plans that directly address students’ gaps in knowledge. Game-like quizzes motivate students to engage with their course material without the pressure of grades or classroom settings, and reporting tools help teachers get a sense of what their class needs to focus on, attuned to the individual needs of each student.

How LearningCurve works

Students receive instant feedback after each question in LearningCurve. Not only does this assist with retention, it also corrects them immediately on any misconceptions or mistakes. Students who have a firm grasp of the material get plenty of practice but proceed through the activity relatively quickly. Students who are unprepared or who need more help will receive as much practice as they need to master a concept. At any time during a LearningCurve activity, students can click on links to online instruction for more explanation and examples.

Instructors can see how many questions each student answered before reaching the target score, how many students have completed each activity, and how individual students are performing, as well as composite results for the class as a whole.


Questions explained

When students select a LearningCurve activity, they are presented with a series of questions. As soon as students click on an answer choice, they receive feedback for that choice. Students continue answering questions throughout the activity and are able to build up their score by answering correctly.

Questions in each activity are divided into levels. If a student gets a question correct without hints, the next question for that topic will come from the next most difficult level. In this way, LearningCurve is adaptive and is able to adjust its level of difficulty based on a student’s performance.

Students are able to work through each activity at their own pace. They can take a break at any point and return to the activity at a later time.

Helpful tips

LearningCurve offers many helpful tips to assist students during an activity.


Each LearningCurve question has a topic-specific link that guides students to the course reference material, so that they can use that material to assist them in answering the question correctly. Referencing this additional material doesn’t cost students any points.


The Get a Hint option either provides students with a quick tip to help them answer a question, or removes an incorrect answer choice and explains why that answer is incorrect.


If a student answers a question incorrectly, LearningCurve gives them feedback about that answer. The feedback explains why that choice was incorrect, but doesn’t tell students the correct answer. Students then have the opportunity to try to answer again.


Show Answer

If the question is too difficult, students are able to click on Show Answer to see the answer. However, no points are awarded and the student continues to be given questions from that same topic and difficulty level.



Scoring explained

Students complete a LearningCurve activity by answering questions correctly and scoring the necessary number of points to reach the designated Target Score. Harder questions are worth more points than easier questions, and students earn fewer points on a given question if they access hints or make more incorrect guesses before answering the question correctly.

LearningCurve does not penalize students for answering a question incorrectly. The number of questions in the activity is not predetermined, so the number of total points a student can earn does not decrease if he or she gets a question wrong. If a student guesses incorrectly, asks for hints, or requests the correct answer, then the student will be required to answer more questions in order to reach the target score.

Additional review

To help students organize content review, LearningCurve offers students a Personalized Study Plan. Students can access this study plan during or after the activity by clicking Back to Study Plan while answering questions. The study plan breaks down their performance on each topic and presents them with suggestions for further practice.

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