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From the menu location

The menu bar is located horizontally at the top of the screen. There are six menu options:

  1. Home: View your profile and Course Info, assignments due, Table of Contents, Search Results, and Help.
  2. Assignments: View and create assignments from this tab. For more information about this procedure, please see the help article How do I create assignments?.
  3. Gradebook: View your student enrollment along with their grades. You will also find Import Scores, Export Scores, and Drop Student options.
  4. Instructor Console: View your course roster and manage your groups.
  5. Resources: View all your course content and filter it to find what you need.
  6. Preview as Student: View in student mode to see what your students see.


From the search bar

The search bar is located at the top of the Table of Contents, on the left side of the page. Enter a word, phrase, or question into the search bar. You can either select a suggestion from the menu that drops down or click the magnifying glass to start the search.


From the Table of Contents

Writer's Help content is listed in the Table of Contents. Click on a resource to view. When you click on the title of a topic in the Table of Contents, it will appear in the center of your screen, while the Table of Contents remains visible on the left. You can Add or Remove content from the Table of Contents. For more information, please see the help article How do I use the Table of Contents?.


From the Resources tab

In the Resources tab, you can find resources categorized by type, by chapter, content you’ve created, and content you’ve removed. For more information, please see the help article How do I use the Resources panel?.


From normal and full screen view

Clicking a resource from within the table of contents opens it in normal view. To expand it to full screen view, click on the "expand arrows" in the upper right corner.


Once you have opened a resource in full screen view, you can use the Previous and Next arrows to navigate through the pages, or click Home to return to the home page.