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Quick Help is at the beginning of nearly every chapter in the grammar sections and at the beginning of many of the writing chapters as well. It’s a quick look at possible trouble spots that the chapter addresses, with examples illustrating a problem and the solution. In some cases, the examples and explanations are the only advice you need. In other cases, the links lead to content pages with more detailed information. Please see the steps below on how to complete Quick Help and similar Writer's Help 2.0 pages.

From the home page

Click on the Assignments tab.


From the Assignment unit

Open your Assignment unit and locate your Quick Help assignment. Click on your Quick Help assignment to open it.


From Quick Help

Read your assignment and follow any links for which you need more information on the topic. To see more of the assignment, use the Next arrow. To get back to the previous page, use the Previous arrow.

Click on the Exercises at the bottom of the page to answer the questions about this topic.


From the Exercise

How to complete your Exercise:

  1. Read the instructions at the top of the page. Then, read and answer the questions. You can answer the questions in any order.
  2. Click the radio button by the answer you think is correct.
  3. Click Submit.

    Note: Once you Submit an answer, you cannot change your answer. Completed assignments and exercises cannot be retaken.

  4. Once submitted, you will find out if your answer is correct or not. Feedback will give you more information about that answer.
  5. You can leave a question(s), navigate to another page, or log out and back in again. You will be able to answer any remaining question(s) when you return.

You must answer all of the questions and submit them all to complete your assignment. If you do not answer and submit all of the questions, you will get a zero for a grade. Your score will not show at the top of the page or report to Gradebook until all the questions are answered.


Some Exercises have text boxes for you to type your answer in. Click in the text box, type your answer, then click Submit. You can enlarge the text box by dragging it out at the corner.


You will get Feedback on your answer once you have submitted it. If the Exercise isn't autoscored, credit will be given once your instructor reviews it.


From the Assignments page

You will see your assignment has been Submitted.

Assignment status "Submitted" appears to the right of the assignment title.