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When the due date passes, students can no longer edit their work, and solutions are revealed for the questions, including incomplete items. If the due date needs to be pushed back to provide more time to students, you can adjust the due date as needed. However, if you are using the late penalty feature you can not adjust the due date once it has passed and you can contact your Client Success Specialist for assistance. 

From the main course page

Click on the ellipsis (...) to the right of a Flash-based activity and then click Edit.


Edit due dates

Uncheck Disable next to Available From and/or Due Date, then set the date and time.



Click one of the three Save buttons at the bottom to save your changes. Click Cancel to undo your changes.


Using the Activity Editor

Open the activity

From the main course page, click on the assignment name to open the activity editor.

Edit settings

In the Settings panel, click the Edit Settings icon.

Click the checkbox next to Due Date. Set a date, hour, and minute for the assignment to be due. You can type in a date, or choose a date by clicking the calendar. 

Click the Save button to set the due date. If any of your students have already worked on the activity, there will be a slight delay as their due dates are updated.

Using the "Activities and Due Dates" page

Go to "Activities and Due Dates" page

From the main course page, click Activities and Due Dates at the top left.

Set due date

For the desired activity, click the checkbox in the Due Date column. Set a date, hour, and minute for the assignment to be due. You can type in a date, or choose a date by clicking the calendar. 

Your changes automatically save.

Bulk edit due dates

You may also select multiple activities using the checkboxes at the far left, then click Edit Selected Activities button at the top of the checkbox column (which will appear once you select an assignment). This will allow you to set the same due date for several activities at once.


"Available from" dates

An available from date is the (optional) date and time when your students can begin answering the questions in the activity. The Available From checkbox is found to the left of the Due Date checkbox on the Activities and Due Dates page and functions in the same manner. You can also edit the Available From date in the activity editor and from the main course page. If you leave the available from date blank, students can begin working on the assignment as soon as you change the visibility from hide to show.

When you click on an assignment link before the available from date, you will still see the questions in the assignment. When students click on an assignment that is not yet available, they see a message like the one below. You can reassure them that they will be able to begin answering questions in the activity when the available from date arrives.

"This activity is not yet available."

Important: If you set an available from date, you must also show the activity. A hidden activity will remain hidden from students even after the available from date has passed. Therefore, we recommend that you either:

  1. Set all your available from dates and show all the activities, or
  2. Leave the available from dates blank, and just show each activity when you're ready for students to begin working on it

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