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Mobile assignments may be done on a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet. These assignments have this icon  next to their names.


Click on a question number on the left side to jump to any question within the assignment. You may also use the right and left arrow buttons < > at the top.

Note: You may have to answer the questions in order if your instructor has included that in their grading policy for the assignment.


Click on the Resources button for a quick link to your e-book. You may not see this option if you did not purchase access to the e-book with Sapling Learning.

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Hint / Feedback

Click the Hint button to see a helpful tip before answering a question.

After entering a wrong answer, the button will change to display Feedback based on the answer you gave. To expand the hint or feedback window, click the left arrow. To close it, click the X in the upper-right corner of the popup window.


Check Answer / Try Again / Resume

The Check Answer button is found at the upper right of the page. Click this button to attempt to answer a question. If the answer is incorrect, this button will change to say Try Again. When reviewing past attempts, this button will instead say Resume. Click Try Again or Resume to go back to answering questions and the button will return to its original function of Check Answer.



If you make more than one attempt on a question, you can review those attempts by clicking on the attempts drop-down in the upper-right corner of the assignment. 

Give up

If you would like to see the solution to a question (thus forfeiting your ability to continue answering for more points) you may choose to do so by clicking the Give Up? button. You will need to confirm this choice by clicking Give Up And View Solution in the subsequent popup window.

View solution

The solution is provided at the bottom of the screen after giving up on a question. Click Next Question to continue with the assignment.