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There are two types of statistics available for each assignment:

  • Class assignment stats: This data can be used to identify questions or topics where the entire class is struggling. This data is only available for Flash-based activities (non-mobile).
  • Student assignment statistics: This data can be used to identify who is struggling and for which questions within an assignment. This data is available for both Flash-based Activities and Mobile Assignments.


Class assignment stats

Once students begin working on an activity, a Stats column will appear in the activity editor and continue to fill in as students complete questions.

Open activity editor

From your main course page, click on an activity name to open it in the activity editor.

View progress bar in "Stats" column

The bar fills from left to right as students work on the question. The color division within the bar represents the percentage of students who got the question correct (green) vs. incorrect (red/orange) vs. not attempted (transparent/gray).

Hover your mouse over a bar to see details about number of attempts and average score for each subset of students.

Example class statistics for a question within the assignment. Correct: 3 students, Avg score: 100%, Avg Attempts 1. Incorrect: 2 students, Avg score: 0%, Avg Atttempts 4. Did not attempt: 4 students.

If you don't see the "Stats" column

It might be because no students have started the assignment yet, or because you need to add this column to the activity editor. To edit which columns are displayed in the activity editor, click on the columns icon.

Click on the image to zoom in.

Student assignment statistics

There are two ways to view the student assignment statistics.


From the Grades page

On your main course page, click Grades in the left navigation menu, then click on the name of an assignment in a column header.

Click on the image to zoom in.

From the Activity Editor

On your main course page, click on the name of a Flash-based activity to open the activity editor, then click the bar-graph icon at the top right.

Click on the image to zoom in.

View statistics

The colored blocks show a student's performance on a particular item. Hover your mouse over each cell for additional information. Click on a cell or a student's name to review their answers.

Example stats grid with students in the first column and question number in the first row.

Key for the stats grid