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<< Configure the default Partner Cloud Building Block settings

From the System Admin panel go to the Partner Cloud Settings page

Scroll down to the section labeled Configure and Activate Partners Available Through the Partner Cloud and find Macmillan Higher Education. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Settings option.


Click "Register and obtain consumer key/secret"

The Request New Consumer Key and Secret page will appear in a new browser window.


Confirm the Tier matches the Installation Type

On the Request New Consumer Key and Secret page confirm that the Tier pre-selected here matches the Installation Type that appeared on the Partner Cloud Settings page. Change if necessary.


Search for your institution

Search for your institution by typing the city, state, and country (or zip code if searching by zip code) into the relevant fields and clicking Find Institutions.


Get New Key and Secret for your school

Scroll through the list, click on your school, and select Get New Key and Secret to proceed.


Copy new key and secret

From the Your New Installation page, copy and paste the new key and secret to the form on the previous page (Configure Macmillan Higher Education), and close this browser window.


Macmillan Higher Education Specific Settings

After pasting the new key and secret, scroll down the page and under Macmillan Higher Education Specific Settings, select each of the following options listed below.

Select "Yes" to allow Macmillan Higher education links to open in a new window

Select "User Choice" for "Do you want to share user information?"

Select "Yes" for "Do you want to share course information?"

This setting allows course information (such as course ID and course name) to be shared between Blackboard and Macmillan Higher Education and enables gradesync.


Select "Yes" for "Do you want to accept grade notifications?"

This setting enables Blackboard to respond to alerts from Macmillan Learning about grade data awaiting Blackboard retrieval.


Click Submit to save all changes.

Return to Configure Partner Cloud page

Back on the Configure Partner Cloud page, make sure that the Content and Tools option is turned on for Macmillan Higher Education.