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<< Confirm that Content Market and Content Market Tools are available in Blackboard courses

Select Partner Cloud Settings

On the System Admin panel, in the Cloud Management area, select Partner Cloud Settings.


Confirm "Partner Cloud Status" is "OK"

On the Configure Partner Cloud page, under Partner Cloud Status, confirm that the Status is OK and then proceed to the next step.

Note: If the connection is not OK, the Blackboard administrator may have to submit a Behind the Blackboard request to arrange a proper connection to Blackboard’s Partner Cloud.


Confirm that a list of publishers appears

Scroll down to the section labeled Configure and Activate Partners Available Through the Partner Cloud and confirm that a list of publishers appears.

Note: If you do not see a publisher’s list, this indicates that a development Blackboard license is in use for this Blackboard instance. The administrator needs to submit a request to Blackboard to attain a non-dev license to proceed with integration.

Note the Installation Type

Scroll down to the section labeled Local System Information and note the Installation Type (Production, Stage, or Test) that appears there. You will need to know the installation type when you Configure Macmillan Higher Education (Macmillan Learning) for the Partner Cloud.

Select "Yes" for "Open Partner Links in New Window"

This setting ensures that a new browser window opens when a user accesses resources outside of Blackboard, providing a more user friendly experience.


Privacy Configuration

For "Share User Information" select "User Choice"

This setting gives users the decision to accept or decline Blackboard automatically sharing their first name, last name, and e-mail with Partner Cloud Services. This is the most FERPA compliant setting.

For "Share Course Information" select "Yes"

This setting is required for gradebook synchronization between Macmillan and Blackboard.


Grade Integration

For "Scheduled Grade Update Frequency" select "60"

This is the interval that Blackboard recommends for optimal automatic gradesync performance and minimal impact to Blackboard. This value must not be set to Never.

For "Accept Grade Notifications" select "Yes"

This enables Blackboard to respond to publisher alerts about grade data awaiting Blackboard retrieval.


Click Submit to save any changes made to the Partner Cloud settings.

Configure Macmillan Higher Education (Macmillan Learning) for the Partner Cloud >>