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The LMS (Learning Management System) ID is usually a school-generated identifying number that allows instructors to track students by a unique number between multiple online platforms. Having students enter their LMS IDs into our platform allows instructors to more easily transfer grades and other information into to the gradebook of their school's Learning Management System. 

When enabled, the Student LMS ID is a required field. Students will not be able to access your course until they have entered this information, so it is important that they know exactly what they need to enter and where they can get the ID if don't have it available when they attempt to access your course. 

For more information on exporting grades from Writer's Help 2.0 so that you can import them into your campus LMS gradebook, please see How can I export my Gradebook?. When exporting your scores, tick External ID under Student Information to ensure that the export will include the LMS ID.

Important note: If you are accessing Writer's Help 2.0 assignments through your campus LMS--what we call deep integration--you should not prompt students to enter their LMS ID when accessing your course. Doing so will interfere with the integration and cause technical issues.

From the "Create Course" screen

From the Create Course screen, which you'll see whether you create a new course, make a copy of an existing course, or branch a master, select Prompt students to provide their campus LMS ID. A new field will appear and you'll be able to write a message to your students, if needed, explaining what they should enter in this field and where they can find it, if they don't know it offhand. When you're done filling out the Create Course screen, click Create.

Note: By default, when you create a course, Do NOT prompt students to provide their campus LMS ID will be selected. If you leave this option selected, you can always change it by following the steps below.


If you need to add or edit your message to students about entering their campus LMS ID

Click Instructor Console in the top navigation bar.


Click General Settings.


Scroll down to the Student LMS ID section and select Prompt students to provide their campus LMS ID. You may also include a message to your students explaining what they should enter in this field and where they can find it, if they don't know it offhand.


What students see when you require their LMS ID

When your students go to enroll in a newly-created course, they will be prompted to enter this information. For courses that are already underway, turning on this feature will prompt students to enter their ID the next time they log in to your course.