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Offline activities can be used to indicate any other activities you might want students to know about, such as exams or classroom activities. This option is similar to a new grade item, but in addition to putting a column to the gradebook, it also puts a link on the main course page. The link has a name and can optionally display a due date, but when the student clicks the link, all they see is the information you added to the description (there is nothing for the student to actually do online).

For example, if you plan to upload your exam scores into the Sapling Learning gradebook, you may want to create an Offline activity, where the name (e.g., Exam 1) and date are shown on the course page, the location is indicated in the description, and a column for the exam scores gets added to the gradebook. You can enter these scores manually, or import the grades from an external source.

To create an Offline activity and assign it to your students:

Choose a unit to add your offline activity to

Scroll down your course page until you see the unit where you want to add your offline activity. Then click Add an activity... at the bottom of the unit.

Select "Offline activity"

Click Offline activity under Hand-Graded Activities.

Choose activity settings

  1. Give the activity a Name. This is what will appear to students on your main course page. For example, you might want to enter "In-Class Quiz" or "Exam I".
  2. Write a description of the activity in the Description. You can also use this space to notify students of things, for example, what they should bring to class for the activity or the meeting time and place for the exam.
  3. Set the Available from date and Due date (if applicable). Please ignore the Prevent late submissions field (it doesn't do anything).
  4. Most likely, the only other setting you need is to make sure Visible is set to Show (to make sure your students can see the assignment when its Available from date arrives). You may also want to set the Grade category.
  5. Click Save and return to course to save your activity.

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