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SolutionMaster is an instructor utility that will allow you to create a pdf document of selected solutions taken from the instructor’s solution manual.

Click "Resources" in the left-hand menu

Click "Content by Type"

Scroll down to Instructor Resources, and choose SolutionMaster from the listing.

SolutionMaster will open with the following view. Any of the circle icon buttons will display their function if you hover over the button.

Create a solution set

Use the button with a + icon under My Solution Sets to add a new solution set. You will be prompted to enter the assignment name and an optional header and footer. When you are finished, click Save. The new solution set will appear in My Solution Sets.

View solutions

Click on a chapter folder in the Table of Contents pane to view numbered problems in that chapter in the Solutions pane. Click on a numbered problem and then click the preview button at the top of the Solutions pane to view the solution.


When you are finished viewing the solution, click the X at the top right of the window. You may have to click and drag the window to the left to see the X.


Add solutions to a solution set

Click on your solution set to select it. Then, click and drag problems from the Solutions pane to the Solutions box at the bottom of the My Solution Sets pane.

Print solution set

Click on the printer button to print your solution set as a pdf file, which can then be posted online or printed and distributed to your students in class.


Frequently Asked Questions about SolutionMaster

Can I include questions from more than one Chapter?

Yes, select the questions you want from one chapter, then select another chapter and add to your listing. You will note in the image above that there are questions from 4 chapters included in this Solution Set.

Is there a faster way to add desired solutions than one at a time?

Yes! If you click and hold down the control key, you can choose any number of solutions you would like and drag them all at once to the bottom right of the screen.

Can I add a question as an after-thought and place it in order?

Yes, the numbered solutions that you have selected can be clicked and dragged to place them in your desired order.

Can I edit the solution given?

Any edits of the solutions given through SolutionMaster would be done outside this utility program. If you have a program that allows you to edit pdf documents, then that can be utilized for your purposes.

I cannot get my title to save in the naming pop-up window. Now what?

Enter an assignment title, then tab through the other text boxes to activate the Save button.

I am trying to add solutions to the lower right box, but it isn’t working. Suggestions?

Make sure to click the title of the Solution Set you are working on under My Solution Sets. It will appear highlighted with a light blue background. Once a solution set is selected, you can add solutions to that set.