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For some questions in quizzes and homework, an Equation Editor will pop-up for you to enter your answer. You will see this option anytime the input expected is not a common keyboard entry string. The Equation Editor will require that Flash is enabled in your browser.

Click in the equation entry box

  • Enter your answer as an expression (do not use =). Use the symbol and formatting options as appropriate.
  • Commas should not be used within a number. To input twelve thousand, seven hundred fifty = 12,750 use only the digits of 12750. Commas are reserved for use with lists.
  • When finished, click Submit in the bottom right corner.

Example 1: Entering “twelve-thirteenths” in the Equation Editor

From the menu on the left, choose the top button to create a fraction with a numerator and denominator. Place your cursor in the numerator to type 12, and tab or move your cursor to the denominator to type 13. Then click Submit in the bottom right corner.

Example 2: Entering both a super-script and a sub-script on a symbol

All of the highlighted menus in the image below were used to write the formula shown. From the quick-pick options on the left, the fractional form and exponent were used. At the upper left the menu option to display a symbol with both a super-script and sub script was chosen. From the statistical symbols menu on the upper right, sigma was chosen.

The Equation Editor menus across the top allow all of the following symbols:

The options in each of the drop-down menus are shown below, with the menu being displayed highlighted in red.
In the first menu the object highlighted is the one chosen in Example 2 to display sigma with both a super-script and a sub-script.