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Although the Moodle/Macmillan deep integration provides an automated process for gradesync, grades often take several hourse to update. If you need your grades to appear in Moodle immediately, you can use Manual Grade Refresh support tool. You can use the Manual Grade Refresh any time. It won't interfere with the automated gradesync.

Click "Macmillan Grade Refresh" in Macmillan Course Tools

Open the Macmillan Course Tools widget, scroll down to Support Tools, and click Macmillan Grade Refresh.

Refresh Grades

Note that all gradable assignments you have deployed to Moodle are listed here on the Macmillan Higher Education Grade Refresh page. Accept all defaults or choose selected items and click Refresh Grades to run the process.

Full grade refreshes are generally not recommended as they may take several minutes to complete. Instead, perform selective grade refreshes for the assignment(s) you require immediately.

View "Success" message

Moodle will perform the gradebook refresh for all the items you've selected. Then, a confirmation message will be displayed. 

Confirm grades have been refreshed

Return to the Moodle course's Assessments/Grades area and confirm that the students' scores have been posted.