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<< Link your Moodle Course to a LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 Course

Please note: The following instructions are for LaunchPad, but the same steps can be followed when using Writer's Help 2.0.

Important note: The steps detailed in this section describe the operations that you can perform to import only non-gradeable LaunchPad activities into your Moodle course. Any LaunchPad content imported into Moodle using the steps below will not post to the Moodle gradebook.

Click "Macmillan Course Tools"

On the Moodle course page, click the Macmillan Course Tools link.

Click "Macmillan Content"

On the Macmillan Course Tools page, click Macmillan Content.

View LaunchPad content

Moodle will display the LaunchPad TOC (Table of Contents), which matches the folder structure of your LaunchPad course.

What do the orange arrowheads mean?

The presence of an orange arrowhead alongside any LaunchPad TOC item indicates that it is a folder which can be expanded to view its contents. To expand the view of a folder, click the arrowhead. You can drill down into the components of each LaunchPad unit in the same way.

Can I preview LaunchPad items before adding them to my course?

To preview any item in the TOC, simply click its name. The link will place you directly in that resource in LaunchPad. After reviewing the content you can return to Moodle by closing the browser tab where the LaunchPad content was displayed.

How will I know which LaunchPad items I should import?

To view the gradebook status of any item listed in the TOC, click the i icon to the right of the assignment name. Moodle will display a small panel with the LaunchPad gradebook details and the import status for that TOC item. Make sure all items you are importing are not worth points before continuing. Click the i icon again to close the info panel.


Select a LaunchPad item you wish to import into your Moodle course

To deploy LaunchPad content to Moodle, first click the orange arrowheads to expand LaunchPad chapter units and locate the desired items. Select one or more content items shown in the expanded view by selecting the checkbox for each. Click on Next: Choose Location to proceed.

Select Content Location

On the Select Content Location page, click on the drop-down menu for Choose a Section. Decide which section in Moodle you’d like to deploy your Macmillan content into. Next, click on Deploy Selected Content to continue.

Content Added

You will receive a message in a modal window confirming that the selected LaunchPad content was added to your Moodle course. Close the modal window to return to your Moodle course.

Confirm that content is available in module

Proceed to the Content view in your Moodle course and confirm that the selected content is now available in your Moodle course module, as shown below.