Gardner, Your College Experience, 12e

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LaunchPad contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately. Let's begin with student resources. Click the following link to go to the landing page of LaunchPad for Your College Experience.

What resources are available for my students?

From your LaunchPad home page, click the Resources button, then Content by Type. You’ll see a list of all the resources available to your students. We’ll now take a closer look at each.

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LaunchPad’s e-Book integrates the text with an assortment of media-powered learning tools and includes every word on every page of the printed text, including all images and pedagogical tools. Students can highlight and comment, making it easier to access key content and organize studying. Teachers can customize and rearrange chapters and add notes and discussions.

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The comprehensive glossary provides a list of keywords and their definitions, specific to college success and the text. Students can easily find words and build their vocabulary as they interact with material.

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LearningCurve for College Success 2.0 is an online, adaptive, self-quizzing program which quickly learns what students already know and helps them practice what they don’t yet understand. LearningCurve motivates students to engage with key concepts before they come to class so that they are ready to participate.

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Link Collection

The link collection provides an annotated list of apps which students can use on their smartphone or computer to reinforce success strategies through the technology they use in their everyday lives.

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Magazine Style Activities

An interactive self-assessment quiz in each unit gives students an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the chapter topics, providing targeted advice to help them develop a personalized learning plan.

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Downloadable podcasts provide quick advice on a wide range of topics such as time management, note taking, money management, succeeding on tests, making the most out of a career fair, and much more.

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Multiple-choice Case Study Quizzes in each unit ask students to apply practical strategies discussed in each chapter. Students receive instant, helpful feedback after each response to help them contemplate the scenarios further.

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Video Activities

Accompanied by a set of open-response questions, two Video Activities per unit allow students to reflect on course topics and deepen their thinking, as well as encourages application of helpful strategies discussed to their own lives.

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What resources are available for instructors?

From the same screen where you've been viewing student resources, you can scroll down to see those available to instructors. Let's now take a closer look at each.

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Instructor’s Resource Manual

A PDF of the Instructor’s Manual for Your College Experience, Twelfth Edition, is available to download and includes chapter objectives, teaching suggestions, case studies, an introduction to the first-year experience course, a sample lesson plan for each chapter, sample syllabi, and capstone projects.

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Instructor Resources (downloadable)

Active Learning Strategies

Available to download as a PDF, the Active Learning Strategies offers several exercises which help students sharpen their critical skills for college success such as writing, critical thinking, learning in groups, planning, reflecting, and taking action. A retention exercise for each chapter asks students to practice critical retention strategies to help students persist in their first year.

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Video Tool Activities

This tab also includes several Video Tool Activities, available as downloadable text files, which provide search terms for popular videos you can embed in Launchpad’s Video Tools, as well as relevant writing prompts and in-class activities.

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Instructor's Annotated Edition

The Instructor’s Annotated Edition, divided by chapter, includes the full text of the student edition with abundant marginal annotations, chapter-specific exercises, and helpful suggestions for teaching. This annotated edition also includes numerous Retention Strategy tips and exercises. New High-Impact Practices and Peer Leader Strategies are designed to help students succeed and stay in school.

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Lecture Slides

Easily customizable lecture slide presentations include a complete lecture outline for each chapter, plus images and figures from the text.

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Test Bank

The test bank contains more than 800 multiple-choice, true/false, short-answer, and essay questions designed to assess students’ understanding of key concepts. The test bank includes a midterm and final exam and is available electronically in the LaunchPad, allowing instructors to easily assign test questions for student practice or higher-stakes assessment.

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To access the Test Bank from the “Content by Type” menu where you were viewing student and instructor resources, click “Resources”

Choose “Questions by chapter” to view the available Test Banks