Can I contact tech support and others for help without leaving the support community?

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If you have a question you can't find an answer to in the community, you can create a discussion or a case. Tech support and your peers within the same community will be able to respond.

Create a Discussion

Logged in instructors and college students can use the Case History tile to create a discussion. Scroll down the page to see this tile when you are logged in.

What if no one responds to my discussion?

After 24 hours, unanswered discussion questions will automatically escalate to tech support. If you received a response from a community member, but still want to escalate your case to tech support, you can select the Create a Case option from the Jive Actions menu.

Create a Case

If you are logged out:

Scroll down to the bottom of the support community homepage to create a tech support case using the Create a Case form.

As you fill out the form, check the article suggestions for helpful info.

If you're logged in: 

You'll see the Case History tile. Click Create a Private Case.

Start filling in the form to see suggested articles. If you still want to create a case, click Continue with Private Case.