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Please note: The links in this article are only relevant for LaunchPad users. If you are using Writer's Help 2.0, please see this help article.

The best way to integrate your Moodle course with a LaunchPad course is to set up LaunchPad first. Below is a list of tasks, each of which links to a how-to article from our LaunchPad instructor's manual or Moodle Deep Integration for LaunchPad: Student's Manual.

Get access to LaunchPad

If you haven't already been sampled access to your LaunchPad title, request access to it.

Create a course

Log in to your LaunchPad title, create a course, and input identifying information.

Important note: Do not prompt students to enter their LMS ID. Doing so will conflict with your Moodle and LaunchPad deep integration and cause technical issues.

Set up your course

Familiarize yourself with the content. Search for your author's last name on this support site and find the visual tour of student and instructor resources for your title. Make a list of items that you'll want to assign for a grade vs. items you want students to read or walk-through that won't be for a grade.
  • For items that will report to your Moodle gradebookassign them in LaunchPad, select due dates, enter point values, and create or select LaunchPad gradebook categories.
  • For items that won't report to your Moodle gradebook, you'll be able to import them into your Moodle course without assigning them in LaunchPad.

Activate your course

When you've completed your LaunchPad course set up, activate your LaunchPad course.

After activating, you'll see auto-generated student registration instructions and will be prompted to distribute them to students. Ignore these instructions and do not include them in your Moodle course. They were designed for students who are not accessing LaunchPad within Moodle. Instead, direct students to this instructional video or other articles in our student guide for Moodle.

Please also tell your students that they will be following special instructions to prepare to use LaunchPad inside Moodle. Thus, if students bought a textbook packaged with a LaunchPad access card or a standalone access card from the bookstore, they should ignore the standard registration instructions included there and log in through Moodle instead. If students mistakenly register through LaunchPad, they should consult the help article I purchased a package with an access card in the bookstore and have already registered the code on the card. How do I integrate with Moodle?.

Link your LaunchPad to Moodle

When you're done, log in to Moodle, link your Moodle course to a LaunchPad course, and import the LaunchPad assignments you've already created, as well as any other resources you want students to read or walk-through but that you don't wish to grade. Read on in this manual to find out more about bringing LaunchPad content into Moodle.

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