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Click on a mobile assignment in your course to edit it. Then tab over to Question Bank to view available questions to add.

Browse by topic

Notice on the far left that the subject of your course is already selected, and all available questions for that subject are displayed in the middle of the page.

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of your course subject to select another subject.
  2. Click the arrows at the left of each chapter and section heading to drill down into more specific topics.
  3. Click on any point in the hierarchy to display only questions in that topic. The number of questions available in that topic appears at the right.


Clicking on any of the column headers will allow you to sort the displayed questions by that attribute. For example, click Difficulty to arrange the current question list from lowest to highest difficulty. Click Difficulty again to reverse the sort order. Keep in mind that a question's difficulty is relative to the subject it was written for, which you can see in the Source column. For example, a question with a General Chemistry source that is marked "difficult" may be considered "easy" in an Organic Chemistry course. Clicking on Difficulty a third time will remove the sort and return the questions to the order in which they first appeared.

You can edit which columns are displayed by clicking the Edit Columns button at the far right of the column headers.

Filter results

Click the filter button at the top left to filter the questions displayed. Note that this will only filter the questions based on the topics you already selected at the left.

You can check or uncheck TitleDescription, and ID to filter by only those fields. Uncheck Show Added Questions to hide questions that are already in the assignment.

The up arrow to the left of the Title checkbox collapses the checkboxes. If you want to show the checkboxes again after collapsing them, close the filter box by clicking outside of it, then re-open it.

Filter for multiple-choice questions

Single-part multiple-choice questions with five or fewer options have the phrase "i>clicker friendly" in their description. Although filtering by this keyword won't find all multiple-choice questions in our system, it will find most of them.