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Click the unit to which you want to add a new question

Click "Problems"

Click on “Edit Assignment”

Click on “Create a new standard exercise”

Click on the new “Standard Exercise”

Click “Add New Question”

Choose question settings

There are three settings to select.

Question Type

  • Radio: A standard multiple choice question that allows for one correct answer
  • Checkboxes: A multiple choice question that allows multiple answers to be correct (students check the box for each correct answer)
  • Free Response: Questions with textboxes that require an algebraic or numeric answer
  • Comment: A survey-type question that accepts text responses (not recommended for Problems)

Display Feedback

  • Immediately: Students will see whether they got the answer correct immediately after they answer
  • After the deadline: Feedback will be delayed until after the Problems are due

Participation Credit

This defines how much credit to give to the student for just trying, regardless of the correctness of the student's answer. Entering 100% means that full credit will be given for entering any answer. A participation credit of 0% means that the student will only get full credit if their answer is correct.

When finished with question settings, click the Add Question button.

Click "Enter here the question setup"

Here you can enter instructions for your Problems assignment.

Click the pencil icon (edit) to the right of “Prompt for the question"

Click "Prompt for the question" to edit the question prompt

Enter the question

  1. Format the question using the formatting editor
  2. Use the paste options to paste, paste as plain text or paste from Word
  3. Click Save when you've finished formatting your question

Click on an answer choice to edit it

User-added image

Click "Save" to save each choice

Click "+ Add new choice" to add an additional choice

Click to edit "Display Feedback" and "Participation Credit"

If you need to change these options from the ones you chose when you created the question, click to edit.

Click answer choices to edit

For the Radio question type: If the correct answer is any other answer besides the first one, click Choice A next to Right Answer. Select the actual correct answer from the dropdown menu. Under Wrong Answer, make sure to swap out the correct answer with Choice A.

For the Checkbox question type, editing the Right Answer will allow you to select multiple answer choices using checkboxes.

For the Free Response question type, you will have to type in the correct answer. You can also add/edit Wrong Answers and give specific feedback for each wrong answer.

Click "Close"

You must click the Close button to begin working on another question.