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Yes! We call this option enrolling in an instructorless course.

In some cases, your book may come bundled with LaunchPad but your instructor may choose not to create a specific course for your class. In that situation, you can use the instructorless course. However, don't assume that your instructor isn't using LaunchPad. It’s important to check with your instructor before doing work in an instructorless course. If you complete assignments in an instructorless course when you should have been using the course your instructor assigned, your instructor will not see your grades and these grades cannot be transferred.

Some resources that are normally available in LaunchPad may not be available to you in your instructorless course. For more information, see the help article What resources are available to me when I enroll in an instructorless course?.

To enroll in a new instructorless course, follow the steps below. The below instructions are for LaunchPad, but the same steps also apply when using LaunchPad Solo, Writer's Help 2.0, or LearningCurve.

Find Your LaunchPad

From the LaunchPad home page, click the Find Your LaunchPad button under the Students heading.


Search for your title

Search for your product by typing in the textbook title or the last name of the author. An easy way to confirm if you're starting from the right place is to compare the picture of the book cover on the LaunchPad page with the cover of your printed book. If you're not using a printed book, locate the title/author of the book on your course syllabus and compare this to the title/author of the textbook on the LaunchPad page.


Click "Find my course"

Click "Need an instructorless course?"

Click "Join instructorless LaunchPad"

From here you will have three options for accessing your instructorless course.
  1. Enter an access code
  2. Purchase access online
  3. Get temporary free trial access

Note: If you're moving from a semester with an instructor to a semester without one, simply sign in to the previous semester's LaunchPad as you normally would. You can then follow the instructions for switching courses in one of the following help articles and choose to enroll in an instructorless course: