Video Assignment: Budgeting

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Video Title: Budgeting

Topic(s): Budgeting

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Time (of video): 2:01

Posted by: FederalStudentAid

Date posted: May 28, 2014


Video Description: Brief overview of how to create and use a budget.


Question/writing prompt: Do you use a budget, or do you just hope to have money left in your account by the end of the month?  Briefly discuss your money management strategy.


In-class activities:


1. Trying Out a Budgeting Tool Objective: Students experience building and following a budget.


From the many budgeting templates and tools you can find online, choose one that is appropriate for most of the students in your class and that breaks the month into weeks.

  1. Have students complete the budget in class.
  2. Students should note questions or concerns that can be addressed in class.
  3. Tell students to follow the budget for a week.


2. Budget Follow-up Objective: Students evaluate their budgeting successes and failures.


Revisit budgeting later in the term.

  1. What have students found difficult about budgeting?
  2. Did students find themselves without money at some point because they did not make a budget or follow their budget?