How to Participate in a Polling Session with Reef

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With Reef you can participate in a poll and view results using your mobile device or laptop.

  1. Before starting, make sure you have added your instructor's course. Then select the course from your Courses list.

  1. Once your instructor has started a poll, click Join. The course statistics and course history–which can be used as a study guide to review course material–will also appear on this screen.

  1. Wait for your instructor to ask the first question. Your screen will automatically update when this happens.

  1. Read the question and indicate your response. For multiple choice questions, selecting an answer will automatically send it. For numeric, target, and short answer questions, you must press the Send Answer button to submit your answer. 

    If your instructor is asking an anonymous question, an anonymous icon will appear above the answer choices. In this instance, your answer will not be tied to your identity, but submitting an answer will grant you participation points.

    You may change your answer as many times as you like until your instructor stops polling. Your instructor may not choose to send a screenshot of your question or may wait to do so until after polling has closed.

  1. When your instructor stops a poll, you can view the correct response and class results, if your instructor has chosen to share them. On the web application, you will need to select a Results button to view the class results on a new screen. On the IOS/Android applications, this will all appear on the same screen. If your instructor did not specify a correct answer, the results bars will appear in blue.

    Note: For anonymous polling questions, you will not be able to view the response you submitted, but you will be able to view the overall class results.

    Each time your instructor starts a new poll, the question and answer buttons automatically appear. Continue responding to questions until your instructor ends the session. If you accidentally quit the Reef application during a session, simply select the course and choose to rejoin the session.

  2. Your instructor may end a polling session with an Exit Poll. For information about finding and responding to Exit Polls, view our Exit Polling guide.