i>clicker 6: How do I share i>grader reports with students? (v.6)

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Because reports are structured in the form of a webpage, they link to multiple resources. Unfortunately, this means that sharing isn't as easy as attaching a single file. In order to share the reports so that all of the links work on your students' computers in the way they work on your own, you have to create a .zip of all of the files that the reports link to, including:

  • Term_Summary.html
  • Student_Voting_Data.html
  • the Reports folder
  • the Images folder

Students would then open the Student_Voting_Data.html report to view their scores and individual responses to questions, or the Term_Summary.html report to view the question screenshots and summary data. 

Alternatively, you could print the report to PDF (i.e., save the report as a PDF) and share that instead.