Peer Leader Class Activity: Motivation, Attitude, and Mindsets

Document created by Bethany Gordon Employee on May 18, 2017
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Note: This activity can be implemented using peer leaders as coteachers. The instructions are directed toward the peer leader, but instructors can adapt these exercises for use themselves.


Write the following incomplete statements on the board or overhead and ask students to write them down and fill in the blank with something that applies to them:


I find it hard to motivate myself to __________.

I am most likely to have a negative attitude about __________.

I probably cannot improve my ability to __________.


After giving students some time to think about their answers, review each statement and offer an example of how you might finish the sentence. Then ask students for suggestions about how to overcome each situation. After you discuss your responses, ask for volunteers to discuss what they wrote and solicit helpful suggestions from the class.