Export Polling Results from iClicker Classic

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Exporting the student polling results creates a comma-separated values (.cvs) file that can be opened by a spreadsheet program or imported into another program such as a learning management system (LMS).

1. Open the course Gradebook and click Export.

2. Choose the session(s) to export and click Next.

Note: if you would like to export your session data for use with your LMS, please check to make sure you have selected your LMS from the Gradebook tab of Settings. The selected LMS will appear next to File Format. For example, if you choose Blackboard as your LMS in Settings, Blackboard will be listed as the file format in the export window.

3. Set the export options and then click Export.

If you selected more than one session, you can export each session as a separate entry or aggregate the sessions together. The latter option is useful if you want to record one cumulative entry for all of the selected sessions.

Choose how you want to export the points earned by each student. For example, export the total points earned or just the performance points.

4. Choose a filename and location and then click Save.