Some students are using Reef and some are using iClicker remotes. Should we register differently?

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These instructions are to be used by students whose instructors are using iClicker Classic in class:

Option #1: Using an iClicker Remote in Class
Please check with your instructor or syllabus to see if you should use option a or b. 

a. Please visit the remote registration page to register your iClicker remote. Enter your personal information and your iClicker remote ID, which is found on the back of your remote. In addition, if you have a used iClicker remote, you may need to pay a one-time registration fee of $6.99 USD. Click here for details.

b. You may also register from within your learning management system (LMS, e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, etc) if your instructor tells you to do so. Log into your LMS, click the link to register an iClicker remote, enter your remote ID and click Register.

Option #2Using iClicker Reef in Class
If you are using Reef in class, please make sure that you enter your student ID in your Reef profile. This can be entered when you create your account or by logging into your Reef account and editing your profile. Although this field is optional, it is necessary to enter your student ID if your instructor is using iClicker Classic software in order to receive points for your participation in class. Please check with your instructor on which student ID you should be entering. 

Option #3: Using Both an iClicker Remote and Reef in Class
If you purchased a bundle that includes both the iClicker remote and a Reef subscription, you can use either of these options to participate in class. However, it is important that you register in order for your instructor’s iClicker program to recognize your points.

First, register your iClicker remote as shown in Option #1 above. Then, enter your student ID in your Reef profile as shown in Option #2 above. You can now use either your iClicker remote or the Reef app to participate in class. This is a convenient option in case you forget to bring your iClicker remote or smart device to class.

Note: You can only use one device to answer a question during a session. For example, you cannot answer one polling question with both devices and receive double credit.