I changed the batteries in my iClicker Remote but it's still not working.

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If you began experiencing problems after you changed the batteries in your iClicker remote, it's likely that one of the following issues occurred.

The batteries used for replacement are Duracell or sometimes a generic brand

Duracell (and some generic brand) batteries are known to cause issues with the iClicker remotes. This is due to differences between the dimensions on the inside of the iClicker and the positive terminal on the Duracell batteries that keep the two from making contact. We recommend trying Energizer batteries as they are known to work.

Only two of the three batteries in the original iClicker remote were actually replaced

This is actually the most common problem we see with returned remotes. The batteries fit very tightly in the remote, causing the third battery to frequently get stuck at the top. The remote has to be tapped in order to shake the last battery loose. For this reason many customers only see two batteries come out of the remote and only put two back in. The third battery remains in the remote, dead or very weak, and customers experience power problems unaware that only two batteries were replaced. Please remove all three batteries from the unit and replace them with three new batteries (don't reuse batteries that came out of the device).

Tip: While the batteries are out of the remote, tighten the two visible screws on the back before replacing the batteries.