Where do I find my remote ID and what if it has worn off?

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If your remote ID has rubbed off, there are several ways by which you can retrieve it.

Note: Your votes will be saved even if you have not yet registered, and you will receive credit for all past responses once you are able to register successfully; begin using your remote in class immediately.

1. In newer iClicker remotes, you can find a second remote ID sticker inside the battery compartment behind the batteries. If you are using iClicker 2, the LCD will immediately display your 8-digit remote when you turn it on.

2. If you have registered on iclicker.com in the past year, you can use the online lookup tool to locate your information.

The website will only retrieve an ID for an exact last name and student ID match, so if there are multiple student IDs at your school—e.g., student ID, student number, school email, Blackboard ID—we suggest trying all of them. The student ID for iClicker registration is most commonly your email address or email alias (for example, if your school email is student@stateu.edu, your student ID is likely either "student" or "student@stateu.edu").

3. Another option, if at least a partial barcode is intact, is to use a barcode scanner app on your phone.

The app must have support for Code 93 barcodes. Search for "Code 93" in the App Store or Google Play to find a barcode scanner app with Code 93 support.

4. If you weren't able to find your registration online, and the barcode is completely faded, then you can still identify the remote ID with your instructor’s help.

Please print out the Finding your remote ID guide and take it to your instructor. An iClicker instructor receiver base is required to follow the steps in the guide. Once you find your remote ID, return to iclicker.com to register your iClicker. If you cannot locate your ID using options 1-3, this is the only way you can retrieve your ID. 

The FCC and IC IDs are regulatory IDs and are the same on every device—we cannot lookup your iClicker remote ID using either of those IDs.