Instructor Guide: Create the iClicker Cloud Association Link in Blackboard Learn

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iClicker Cloud uses Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards to publish scores from students' iClicker Reef accounts to the LMS gradebook with a single click. This integration is an alternative to the manual export/import process with external CSV files. Before you can proceed, ensure that your LMS admin has enabled iClicker as an external tool.

Currently, iClicker Cloud is a single column upload. Every time you sync your scores, the column will be automatically updated to reflect the new total.

Note: If you are a TA you will need professor credentials to complete this process.

Click below to watch our step-by-step video, and/or follow the instructions below.

Open course settings

Select your iClicker Cloud course and open the course settings. Click either the gear icon in the side panel or the Edit button on your course dashboard.

Single-column grade sync

From the Settings window, select the Grade Sync tab and select Single-column grade sync. Click Copy Link to copy the course-specific link. This link is unique for each iClicker Cloud course. You need to follow these directions for each course you are teaching and paste the specific link into your corresponding LMS course.

Turn on edit mode in Blackboard

From your Blackboard course home page, make sure that the course Edit Mode is set to ON.

Click "Content"

In the side navigation, expand the course options to select Content.

Build Content > Web Link

From the Content section, select Build Content to reveal a drop-down menu and select Web Link under the Create section of this menu.

Web Link Information

Complete the Web Link Information sections with the information:
  • Name: iClicker Reef [recommended]
  • URL: [paste the URL copied from your iClicker Cloud course settings]
  • This link is to a Tool Provider: selected
  • Enable Evaluation: Yes
  • Points Possible: [total points all Reef sessions will be worth in your course]

(Optional) Complete the Description section

Enter the following information into the description field if desired:

Click this link to launch a special instance of Reef, then log in or create a new Reef student account if you don’t already have one. Signing into Reef through this link will allow me to synchronize your scores with this Blackboard course.

Important: Do not include any line breaks in the Description section as this will cause the link to no longer work. This a known issue with Blackboard.

Click "Save" to complete the tool set-up for your course

Direct your students to log in to Blackboard and use the link you set up to access their Reef student accounts.

Now you are prepared to synchronize grades from iClicker Cloud to your LMS.