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How can I find which version of the iClicker Classic software is currently installed on my computer?

To identify which version of the iClicker software you are using, check the main window of your iClicker software. In order to have access to the latest features and fixes, we recommend you consistently update to the most recent version of our software with a fresh download. You can check for an update at any time.
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Are all versions of the iClicker student remotes compatible with the latest version of the iClicker Classic software?
Yes, students can participate in iClicker Classic sessions with iClicker 2 remotes, iClicker + remotes, and the original iClicker remotes because all software upgrades are backwards compatible. Please note that students using iClicker + remotes and the original iClicker remotes can only answer multiple choice questions.
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What is the best way to backup my iClicker Classic session data? 

There are two options, and the option you pick depends on where you run your iClicker Classic software. Because iClicker Classic data is stored locally and not in the Cloud, you will want to backup your session data on a regular basis.
  1. If you run iClicker Classic directly from your hard drive, backing up your hard drive will also backup your iClicker Classic session data. You can also follow the instructions in the second option, listed below.
  2. If you run iClicker Classic from a flash drive, make a copy of the Classes folder—not the entire iClicker folder—and store it on your campus’ cloud storage, a cloud service, a backup drive, or wherever you store your backed up data. The Classes folder contains all individual session data, your student roster, and any registrations synced from your LMS; dragging the Classes folder into any copy of the iClicker folder will allow you to access all of that data.
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Where is individual session data stored?

Session data is stored in the SessionData folder, which can be accessed by opening the Classes folder, then opening your class folder. The naming convention is L+YYMMDDHHMM.csv (e.g., a session held at 9AM on 12/18/13 would be L1312180900.csv). These are the files that iClicker Classic reads; therefore, it is important to make a copy of any files you want to manipulate and move outside the SessionData folder; otherwise, you may render the files unreadable to iClicker.
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What if my computer crashes when an iClicker Classic session is open?
If your computer or operating system crashes during an iClicker session, there are additional, automatic protective measures in place. A few small files are generated each time a poll is conducted and the raw data files are updated. Therefore, if a system were to crash during polling, you should not lose any data that was generated prior to the crash. Once your computer and iClicker software have recovered from the crash, you can choose “Resume Session” from your iClicker Classic main screen to go back to your previous session and continue polling.
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Does iClicker Classic require any installation on my computer?
iClicker Classic requires no installation. It simply requires you to download the iClicker Classic software, which is available as free download at the iClicker website.
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Can I start polling sessions immediately at the start of a term, or do my students need to register with iClicker before I start running polling sessions?
No, students do not need to register their iClicker remotes before iClicker Classic can collect and record votes. Student registration must occur at some point in the term, and the steps for doing so vary depending on how you will be adding grades from iClicker cloud to your LMS.

When students participate in polls before registering their device, responses will be associated with their respective remote IDs. Therefore, you can use iClicker to run polling sessions starting on the first day of class, eventually connecting all students to their remote IDs through either roll call registration or registration at the iClicker website.

To participate using the iClicker Reef mobile app, you need to enable Reef in your course settings. Then, students need to create an iClicker Reef account or log into their existing account, add your course, and click "Join" when you start a session.
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What presentation softwares does iClicker Classic work with? 

iClicker works with any presentation software, including PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote and more. Simply incorporate your questions into your presentation; preloading questions or answers into the iClicker system is not required.

The iClicker toolbar floats in front whatever material is on your screen, enabling you to ask polling questions at any point during your class. You can also jump out of your presentation and ask questions spontaneously. Each time you start a polling question by clicking the play button, iClicker takes a screen shot for you to review later, so you always have a record of the questions you asked in class. No additional work on the instructor’s part is required.
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How do I enable an instructor remote?
To designate your iClicker remote as an instructor’s remote, you must enter the remote ID in your iClicker software under the General tab of your course settings. The remote ID is the unique 8-character serial number on the back of every iClicker remote.

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Why did I get an "Error Writing to Disk" Alert?

If you get an “Error Writing to Disk” alert when downloading and opening the iClicker Classic software on MacOS Sierra or High Sierra, this is because your computer is trying to run the application from the disk image. To resolve this issue, you need to extract the iClicker files. For details and instructions, follow the instructions for running iClicker Classic on MacOS Sierra and High Sierra.
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Does the iClicker national registration site obtain information that could violate any FERPA requirements?
The data collected by iClicker is minimal and inconsequential when disconnected from the professor’s roster. The iClicker web registration process was specifically designed to comply with privacy/FERPA laws. Students who register their clickers online via our national database must enter their last name, first name, student ID–as determined by the professor–and iClicker remote ID. This data is stored on a SQL server database owned by Macmillan, the parent company of iClicker. We do not collect or store the students’ IP addresses, nor do we request student school affiliation, course information, or email address. As a result, the data is purposefully of no use outside of registration.
Specifically, as related to FERPA, we do not collect non-directory student information in an interpretable and traceable way. For example, we won’t know if a Michael Lee registered on our site is from the University of California-Irvine or New York University—the information can’t be traced to an individual state or school.
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Can my campus host registration locally rather than using your website? 

Yes, iClicker offers institutions the option to host their own registration site or use their own LDAP authentication with our national database; we can provide the requisite PERL scripts and administration support. For complete instructions on these options, please visit the iClicker website.

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My Mac is saying the program is damaged and must be put in the trash. What should I do?
If you are using a Mac and running iClicker from an external drive (USB flash drive), you must first run the program from the internal hard drive (from the Downloads or Desktop folder) before moving it to a removable drive.
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If I have enabled iClicker Reef in my iClicker Classic course, how will remote or distance learning students participating with iClicker Reef know the questions I am asking?
iClicker Reef can display a screenshots of your questions to students in real time. You can manage this setting at any time in the Mobile tab of your Course Settings.
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Can students participate in self-paced polling using iClicker Reef?

No. Students cannot participate in iClicker Classic self-paced polling session using iClicker Reef. Only students using iClicker 2 remotes can participate in self-paced polling.

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Can the iClicker instructor software receive votes from iClicker remotes and Reef at the same time?

Yes. As long as a base is plugged in, Reef is enabled, and Reef students have access to WiFi, the iClicker software will receive votes from iClicker, iClicker+, iClicker 2 remotes and iClicker Reef.

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Is there a limit to the number of students who can use Reef in my course?

There is no official limit–Reef has the capacity to work in very large classes containing several hundred students. However, please remember that your campus’ wireless network may not be able to handle such a large load on its servers.
For an optimal experience, administrators should ensure that the classroom is capable of supporting the estimated maximum number of simultaneous connections within the same access area (i.e., sufficient Access Points to support the students in the room and the multiple mobile devices they bring with them).

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Does polling run slower when Reef is enabled?

This is highly dependent on the network speed of the classroom environment. With a robust wireless connection, there is not a significant lag time. If you are experiencing lag, our primary recommendation is for instructors to plug directly into a hardwired Ethernet connection.

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Do students participating with Reef require access to WiFi in the classroom?

Yes. Your classroom must be WiFi enabled in order for students to participate using their mobile devices.

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If I run iClicker Classic from a flash drive, do I need to plug the flash drive into the iClicker base?

No. If you choose to run iClicker from a flash drive, you must plug the flash drive into any free USB port on your computer, NOT your iClicker base. Please note that we do recommend running the software directly from your hard drive instead of from a flash drive when possible.

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Can I use the same iClicker Classic software on both a PC and a Mac?

If you have your iClicker Classic software and files on a flash drive, you can use the software on different computers, both Windows and Mac.
  1. Download your iClicker Classic software/files onto your Windows computer.
  2. Move the entire iClicker Classic folder from your Windows computer to a flash drive.
  3. Plug the flash drive into your Mac computer.
  4. Download iClicker Classic onto your Mac computer.
  5. Move only the Mac executable file from your Mac to the flash drive in the same folder location as the Windows executable file.
You can then run iClicker on both a Windows or Mac computer from the flash drive. Both Windows and Mac software will pull from the same classes folder. Ensure that you keep the folder structure intact for Windows and move just the Mac executable file to the flash drive.

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How do students register their iClicker remotes from a learning management system (LMS)?

iClicker Integrate enables your students to register from within the campus LMS. This solution requires some setup from your LMS/IT administrator

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Some of my students use more than one iClicker remote to participate. Are they cheating?

Occasionally, students will register and use more than one remote during the course of a semester. This typically happens because they have lost their remote and registered the replacement. The gradebook will give the student credit for responses from either of the clickers registered; however, a student can never receive "double points," even if both remotes are used in the same session.

Academic dishonesty occurs if a student brings multiple remotes to class that are registered to other students in the course who are not present. Be sure to include information about iClicker in whatever academic honesty policies you include in your syllabus and expressly forbid students from voting with iClicker remotes registered to other students in the same course.

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I found an iClicker remote. How do I know who it belongs to?

To protect student privacy, we cannot provide you with information from our registration database. However, if you're the instructor in an iClicker Classic course, or if you know who the instructor is, you can easily find who a remote belongs to by opening the SessionData folder for your class and selecting the RemoteID.csv file. RemoteID.csv contains a list of all of the registered remotes in the class with the corresponding student IDs.

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Why does my instructor remote occasionally stop controlling the presentation?

The most common cause of this issue is presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) going "out of focus." When this happens, your operating system does not know which application your instructor remote is trying to interact with, causing your instructor remote to be ignored. The best preventative measure is to consistently use either the instructor remote or the mouse during a session; do not alternate between the two (if possible).
  • PC users: you will know your presentation has gone out of focus when the start menu appears below your presentation. To correct this issue, use your mouse to click the presentation window or use ctrl+tab to select your presentation software as the active application.
  • Mac users: to correct this issue on Mac, use your mouse to click the presentation window or use control+tab to select your presentation software as the active application.
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My class is finished for the term and I will be teaching a new course next term. How do I start over?

The best way to start over with iClicker is to download a new copy of the software from the iClicker website. This will ensure you have the latest version of our software. Be sure to archive your old course folder for your records.

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How do I replace my iClicker base?

We are always happy to help troubleshoot and/or replace a base you suspect may be defective. Contact our technical support team at support@iclicker.com or call toll-free at 866.209.5698 with questions or issues with your base.

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What do the numbers on the LCD panel of my base mean?

The iClicker base features a unique LCD that displays student clicker responses as they come in. Information is updated every second a poll is running. The LCD display includes the timer on the upper left, the total vote count on the upper right, and the distribution of votes (A-E) or top responses (Numeric and Alphanumeric) across the bottom. The LCD enables you to monitor student voting progress and choices without displaying the graph to the whole class.

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Can I use my base and instructor remote for more than one course?

Yes. Your iClicker equipment can be used for any number of classes. Keep in mind that if you have enabled Reef and all of your students are participating only using laptops, tablets or smartphones, you do not need an instructor base unless you wish to use the instructor remote.

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Why and when would the frequency of the iClicker base and remotes need to be changed?

Changing the operating frequency prevents vote interference from nearby classrooms. Interference can occur when student votes cross over from classroom to classroom when more than one instructor is running iClicker sessions using an iClicker base. It is only necessary to change the frequency if another iClicker radio frequency base is in use nearby.

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How do I change the frequency of an iClicker base?

If you need to change the frequency of your iClicker base, we recommended doing so only once at the start of the term and keeping it consistent for the remainder of the term. If you are using iClicker Classic, you can change your base frequency by visiting the General tab of your Course Settings.

Regardless of which system you are using, you and your students will then need to update the frequency of your iClicker remotes if you update your base frequency; if you have selected an iClicker base frequency other than the default (AA), iClicker will display an alert on iClicker remotes when polling begins–therefore students can only change their frequency when there is an active polling session. If needed, we recommended to changing the base frequency only once at the start of the term and keeping it consistent for the remainder of the term.

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How do I change the frequency on an iClicker remote?

If you have selected an iClicker base frequency other than the default (AA), iClicker will display an alert on iClicker remotes when polling begins–therefore students can only change their frequency when there is an active polling session. Directions for changing the frequency can be found on the back of every remote. Both the iClicker + and iClicker 2 remotes remember the last saved frequency.

iClicker 2 Remote
  1. Press and hold the Power button until the two-letter frequency on the LCD flashes.
  2. Use the A-E buttons to enter the new two-letter frequency code. A checkmark appears on the LCD screen, indicating the frequency change was successful.
iClicker + Remote
  1. Press and hold the Power button until the Power light flashes green
  2. Use the A-E buttons to enter the two-letter frequency code. The A-E LEDs flash green indicating the frequency change was successful.
Original iClicker remote:
  1. Press and hold the power button on the remote until the “Vote Status” light begins flashing.
  2. Use the A-E buttons to enter the two-letter frequency code. The A-E LEDs flash green indicating the frequency change was successful.
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How does the iClicker base connect to my computer?

The iClicker base connects to each computer via a USB cable (provided in each iClicker instructor kit).

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Is installation required for the iClicker base?

No. Simply plug the iClicker base into your computer and you are ready to go.

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Is the iClicker base compatible with MacBook USB-C ports?

Newer versions of MacBooks no longer have the USB-A port that is compatible with the standard USB cord included in the iClicker base instructor kit. Instead, they have a USB-C port. If your MacBook falls under this category, you will need a USB-C to USB adapter in order to plug the iClicker base into your device.

Adding an adapter may cause the device pathname to be too long for the iClicker base base to function properly. Therefore, instructors using iClicker Cloud should update to version 4.2.1 (or newer) in order to support longer device pathnames. Instructors using iClicker Classic should avoid using a system that requires a USB adapter until similar longer device pathnames are supported (software update coming soon).

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Will the iClicker base interfere with WiFi signals?

No. iClicker operates in the 900 MHz band, ensuring no interference with campus Wi-Fi networks.

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How many votes can the iClicker base receive and how fast can it receive them?

The iClicker base receives individual votes in less than a second. iClicker has been used successfully in classes with up to 1,500 student participants.

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What is the range for the iClicker base and remotes?

iClicker has a base-to-remote range of 200-300 feet.

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Where should I place the iClicker base in the classroom?

The iClicker base can be placed anywhere in your classroom; it does not require a line of sight to receive responses. However, we do not recommend placing the base inside any type of metal enclosure, such as a metal podium.

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