Tour the iClicker Classic Gradebook

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The iClicker gradebook provides access to all of the polling results for a course. Here you can view student results, edit performance/participation points, manage unregistered clickers, generate reports, and export results.

1. Select a course and click Open Gradebook.

2. Review the gradebook options and student results data.

A - Change the default Scoring settings for all new sessions
B - Generate session and summary reports
C - Export session results to a general- or LMS-formatted file
D - Synchronize unregistered clickers
E - View and export unregistered iClickers and students
F - Summary results data for all sessions
G - Session results (session summary and student scores) -- Ab indicates student absent and/or did not respond to any questions in that session
If you are set up to sync with an LMS, two buttons appear--Sync Roster and Sync Scores.

NOTE: Students using Reef, iClicker's mobile app, will appear as "Unknown Reef User" in your roster until a) they have entered their student ID (as it appears in your roster) in their Reef profile and b) you have synchronized your roster by clicking the "Sync" icon.

3. Click View for a session, and a Session Details window appears as shown in the example below.

A - View the session summary, change the session name, and delete a session
B - View/edit the session scoring (performance and participation points)
C - Set the correct response, view voting details, and specify performance points awarded for the selected question
D - Delete current question (marks question as deleted and removes from results calculations)
E - View a results chart for a question
F - Move to next and previous questions