I registered my iClicker Remote but my instructor tells me I haven't. What do I do?

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Before you begin the registration process or troubleshoot registration for your iClicker remote, check with your instructor for any instructions specific to his/her course, and ensure that you know which devices will be allowed in class. Each course might be using iClicker differently, so it is important to follow the registration instructions specific to each course/instructor. You must also know which iClicker software your instructor will be using to conduct polls–iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud–because iClicker remote registration instructions differ based on the system in use.

Choose the scenario relevant to your course and follow the instructions for troubleshooting remote registration.

My instructor is using iClicker Classic

You should have been instructed to register your remote directly through a link in your school's Learning Management System (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Desire2Learn, or Sakai), or at the iClicker website. Your instructor should let you know which scenario is relevant for the course. If you register correctly, your instructor's gradebook will recognize your registration after you vote with your remote for the first time in class.

However, you may have entered an incorrect iClicker remote ID or the wrong student ID. If this is the case, simply register again with the correct information. If the issue was with your iClicker remote ID, you will need to contact support@iclicker.com to request that they remove the incorrect ID. There is no need to unregister, even if you're selling the remote or registering to a different student. 

If you've paid a used remote registration fee, you will only be prompted to pay again if either your name or student ID does not match the existing remote ID you're trying to register. This means that if you've paid the fee, you can make changes to your student ID without charge.


My instructor is using iClicker Cloud

You should have created a free iClicker Reef account and registered your iClicker remote in the profile section of your Reef account.

If your iClicker remote responses are not being tied to your name in your instructor's gradebook, you may have entered an incorrect remote ID. To fix this, simply re-enter the correct remote ID in your Reef account.

It is also possible that you entered an incorrect student ID in your Reef profile. Check with your instructor to see if you need to enter a student ID in your Reef profile, and if so, which student ID you should be using.