How to Register Students from Your Course Roster in iClicker Classic

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iClicker Classic offers three registration options to create your class roster without a Learning Management System (LMS): 

  1. A web option that can be done outside of class for classes of any size
  2. An in-class option for smaller classes
  3. A manual option for individual students

Minimal information is required of your students and all registration options are tied to your class roster file. In-class and online registration are not mutually exclusive, so both can be used to register students in a single class.

Important: Do not use the following instructions if your students will be registering with a Learning Management System (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Sakai).

Option 1: Web registration

Online registration is recommended, especially for classes of thirty students or more. Send your students to the remote registration page to register their remotes. Students with a used iClicker remote may need to pay a one-time registration fee of $6.99 USD. Students can use a single iClicker remote for multiple classes and only need to register on the web once. If student make registration mistakes, they can follow these instructions to fix them.

The key to successful web registration is instructing students to use the correct student ID and sharing those directions with students before students register their clickers online. Consider including instructions in your syllabus that describe and/or give examples of the correct student ID your students should use so their registration is correct. If you are not integrated with an LMS but would like to download your roster from one, you must ensure students are using the Student ID that appears in your downloaded roster.

  1. Enter their first and last name in the appropriate fields.
  2. Enter their student ID. This student ID must match the one that is in your roster.txt file or your LMS roster file.
  3. Enter their iClicker remote ID. The remote ID is the 8-character alphanumeric code printed below the barcode on the back of their remote.
  4. Enter the letters or numbers in the captcha security image on the computer screen.
  5. Submit the form.

Student IDs will now be tied to unique iClicker remote IDs. After your students have registered online, you need to synchronize your Gradebook to update the information in your class folder. Do this by selecting Open Gradebook from the iClicker main menu, then clicking Sync.

Note: Students must vote at least once in a session before online registrations can sync. If a student has not yet voted with their iClicker remote in your class, the online registration will not synchronize with your iClicker Gradebook. Therefore, we recommend asking at least one clicker question (for example, ice-breaker question) on the first day of class in order to capture remote IDs before instructing your students to register.

Option 2: Roll-call registration during class

This registration option is only recommended for small classes with fewer than thirty students due to time constraints. Roll-call registration requires you to manually enter student information in the roster.txt file in your iClicker course folder. Then, follow the steps below to use Roll Call Registration in class:

  1. From the iClicker Home Page, click the Start Session button.
  2. The iClicker Session Toolbar appears. Click the Settings gear.
  3. Select the Roll Call Registration menu option. The roll call window appears. You may need to make this window full-screen in order to see all the student names in the group.
  4. Instruct students to press the letters on their iClicker remotes that correspond to the letters in the boxes to the right of their names in the Roll Call Registration window. The letters must be pressed in left to right sequence.
  5. When a remote is registered, the remote ID appears next to the students name/ID.
  6. When all students have registered, click Close to end the registration. You can now use the same session to ask polling questions, or you can end the session.

The registration window will continue cycling through the student names until all registrations are complete or you decide to close the registration window. You can control the speed at which your students’ names appear by changing the "Time remaining" number. You can also change the student information that displays on screen in the Roll Call section of the Course Settings.

The student list will change to green and yellow five seconds before students names disappear. This gives students a warning that a new batch of names is about to be displayed. It is best for students to wait until their names appear again rather than try to register when the screen is green and yellow. Students who accidentally register their clicker to the wrong name should press DD to clear the incorrect registration and restart their registration process.

Option 3: Individual student registration

If only a few students need to be registered, an individual registration option is available. This registration process is typically used when new students join your class after you’ve already completed Roll Call Registration. Because this option is limited to registering a single student at a time, it is not recommended for registering a large number of students. Make sure the new student has participated in at least one polling session, then follow the steps below to associate the remote ID to that student:

  1. Click the unassigned remote ID in the iClicker Gradebook. The Unregistered Clicker window appears.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select which student name to associate the remote ID to. These names come from your roster.txt or LMS roster file.
  3. Click Save. This will update the registration in your iClicker Gradebook.

If needed, you can also use this process to modify which remote ID is associated with a specific student ID. To do so, click a student’s name to open up the Student Details window. There you can add or remove a remote from a student.

Managing unregistered clicker and student data

The iClicker gradebook contains tools that allow you to search and delete batches of unregistered clicker records and generate reports of unregistered students. To access these tools, click the Students icon. A new window appears, which gives you the option to toggle between two screens: Unregistered iClicker Remote(s) and Unregistered Student(s).

Unregistered iClicker remotes

The Unregistered iClicker Remote(s) tab lists clickers that have responded in class but have not been registered to any student in your roster. From this screen, you have the option to export the list of unregistered remotes in text (.txt) format. Clicking the Export to TXT button will create a file named Unregistered Remote List in your iClicker folders, within the folder for your class. You may see votes from unregistered clickers if students have not yet registered successfully, if students accidentally bought the wrong iClicker remote to class with them, or if students voted in sessions and later dropped the class.

Unregistered students

The Unregistered Student(s) tab allows you to compile a list of students who have not yet registered. From this screen, you have the option to export the list of unregistered students in comma-separated (.csv) format. Clicking the Export to CSV button will create a file named Unregistered Student List in your iClicker folders, within the folder for your class. You can use this list to identify students who have not yet registered.

  1. Double-click the student ID or name on the Gradebook home page. The Student Details window appears.
  2. To remove the association of a particular clicker to that student, select a remote ID from the Registered Clickers list, then click on the Remove button.
  3. To associate a new remote ID, click the Add button, enter the new remote ID and click OK.