Can I use my iClicker remote in multiple classes?

Document created by Digital Support on May 19, 2017
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You are able to use your iClicker remote in multiple classes as long as your instructor is allowing the use of your particular iClicker.

Here are a couple of scenarios in which you'd need to buy a new iClicker remote for one of your classes:

1. If you have an original iClicker or iClicker + but your instructor requires iClicker 2.

Reason: The iClicker 2 remote has added functionality that allows you to answer numeric or short answer questions and to participate in quizzes. If your instructor will be asking these types of questions you'll need an iClicker 2 to fully participate. This will normally be indicated in their syllabus. Note: The original iClicker and iClicker + have exactly the same functionality as each other so there would never be a reason to purchase an iClicker + if you already have the original remote.
2. If you purchased Reef, but your instructor requires a physical iClicker remote.

Reason: Some instructors only allow the use of iClickers to vote in their class. Your instructor will usually specify in their syllabus which iClicker remote is required. Check there first before sending them an email. If you know you'll need to use iClicker in multiple classes, the iClicker 2 is the safest bet, because it will work no matter which question types your instructor requires.