Participate in a Quiz Using an iClicker Remote

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You can take a quiz using an iClicker 2 remote. Other iClicker remotes are not compatible with Reef (iClicker Cloud) Quizzing or iClicker Classic Self-Paced Polling. To take a quiz using a remote, please follow these steps and review a diagram below:
  1. Press the orange button to turn on your remote
  2. Press the light blue "mode/refresh" button to ensure that you are in self-paced polling mode
  3. A large "1" appears with a frame around it, indicating the question number. The self-paced polling icon also appears
  4. Respond to each question, then press "Send" to confirm your answer Tip: Next to the number of the question you should see a checkmark and underneath it you should see the answer you selected
  5. Press the UP button on the cross-navigation to advance to the next question
  6. Continue responding to each question until you have reached the end of the quiz
  7. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to review your answers. Confirm that you see a checkmark next to the number of the question. You may change or re-send your answer to any question as long as polling is active.