Transitioning from i>clicker 6 to iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic

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In an effort to deliver the most pedagogically sound active learning technology to our users, we have decided to retire the service and support of i>clicker 6 in December of 2018.

If you are currently using i>clicker 6, you should download the iClicker Classic (formerly iClicker 7) or iClicker Cloud instructor software in order to continue receiving updates and support from the iClicker Team. Virtually everything that you love about i>clicker 6 is currently available in our updated software, with the exception of a few features that proved to be unpopular among our users. Switching to iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud will provide access to a more robust student response software that includes:

  • Faster load times
  • Stronger stability
  • Better user interface
  • More support for recent operating systems
  • Improved LMS integrations and support for more current LMS upgrades
  • Integrated gradebook (replacing the separate i>grader application)
  • The ability to generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data
Refer to the matrix below for a comparison of the iClicker instructor softwares.
Functionalityi>clicker 6iClicker ClassiciClicker Cloud
Students can respond with iClicker Remotes
Students can respond with iClicker Reef on mobile devices, tablets, or laptops
Use the iClicker Instructor Remote to control your presentation
Use the iClicker Cloud Instructor Mobile app to control your presentation  
Multiple choice questions
Numeric questions
Short answer questions
Target questions  
Anonymous polling
Question on the Fly*  
Question lists  
Response grid  
Self-paced polling (i.e. quizzing)
Ability to indicate correct answers
Automatically create student study materials with iClicker Reef 
GPS enabled attendance  
Roll call registrationNot Needed
Ability to Loan Remotes**
Access gradebook data online  
HTML reports 
Excel reports 
Compatibility with recent LMS upgrades 
Compatibility with the latest operating systems 
Requires an internet connection  
Cloud backup & storage  
Site license support

*Content authoring is a feature that will be in development for future versions of iClicker Cloud.
**With iClicker Cloud, iClicker remotes can be loaned out for the entire term, but not for an individual session or class.

Before switching to iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud, please ensure you are aware of the following information:

  • The iClicker base requires firmware v5.04 when used with iClicker Classic or Cloud. Check your base firmware to ensure you have the correct version.
  • A campus administrator will need to download and use the latest iClicker LMS Setup tool to generate new configuration files for iClicker Classic and distribute those files to iClicker Classic users (i>clicker Integrate users only).
  • If you would like to integrate iClicker Cloud with an LMS, a campus administrator will need to configure your LMS for the integration.
  • iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud sessions are not backwards compatible with versions 5 or 6.