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iClicker may be used as a simple tool to give you instant, anonymous feedback in class, in which case no registration procedure is necessary. However, if you (like most instructors) want to go a bit further and give credit to your students for class participation and/or performance, please follow these directions.

Step 1: Create a Roster Text File
Tip: Easily Format in Excel
Step 2: Instruct Students to Register Remotes
Step 3: Sync Roster

IMPORTANT: Do not use the following instructions for registering students if you are using iClicker with a learning management system (LMS). If you will be fully integrating with your LMS or would like more information please view Use iClicker Integrate with a Learning Management System. If you would just like to use your LMS to easily download your roster and upload your grades please view Download Roster and Upload Scores Easily with a Learning Management System

Step 1. Create a course roster text file.

You must create a course roster text file as part of the student registration process.

NOTE: Students can vote with their iClicker remotes before the registration process is complete. Until students register their remotes, their polling results are linked within gradebook to only the iClicker remote ID.

1. Locate and open the roster.txt file for your course.

When you create an iClicker course, the program automatically creates a new folder for that course in the Classes folder. You can find the roster.txt file in that folder. Use a word processor or text editor (e.g., Notepad, TextEdit, SimpleText) to open the file.

2. Create a student name (last name, first name) and ID entry for each student in your course.

Type the entries or copy/paste the student roster from another source (e.g., spreadsheet file). Use the format shown below.

Stelzer, Tim, tstelzer

The roster file must have one line for each student in your class, with each line containing the student's Last NameFirst Name, and Student ID, separated by commas. The Student ID may be a college ID number, email alias, or any other easily readable text string-as long as it is guaranteed to be unique for each student. We recommend that you use an ID number or naming convention that you currently use (personally or as required by your institution) for easiest import of iClicker data into your course gradebook.

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Tip: Easily Format Roster in Excel

If you have your course roster in Excel format, you can avoid re-typing your entire roster: just make sure the columns in your roster follow the format in the example above (LastName, FirstName, StudentID) and that there is only one student per row. Be sure to remove any extraneous columns and rows, including headers.

1. Format the roster in Excel

Once complete, use concatenation to create the proper format for use with iClicker.

2. Use concatenation

One your have your class roster in Excel formatted to match the example above, you're ready to concatenate the data into the proper format. To concatenate the data, paste the formula below into the fourth cell from the left (D1).

=CONCATENATE(A1, ", ", B1, ", ", C1)

3. Apply the concatenation formula to each cell

By clicking and holding the lower-right corner of the cell and then dragging down your class list, you can apply the formula to each cell. Once that's complete, you now have a row containing the proper format for the iClicker roster.

4. Copy row D

Row D should now contain properly formatted data for each student. Select the row, then press ctrl+C (command+C on Mac) to copy the row to your clipboard.

5. Open Roster.txt

Navigate to your iClicker Win/Mac>Classes>[YourClass] folder, and open Roster.txt.

6. Paste row D and save

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Step 2. Instruct Students to Register Remotes

Students must register with the student ID roster that is specified in your roster.txt file. From the example above, Robert Lott would register with the Student ID rlott on At many institutions, students have multiple IDs, so it's very important that you communicate with your students about which ID they should register with. 

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Step 3: Sync Your Roster

Before you sync, you must conduct at least one polling session so that iClicker knows which IDs to check the database for.

After you have conducted at least one session, press the Sync button from within the Gradebook. Any students who appear in red have not yet registered.

The roster does not sync automatically, so we recommend setting a deadline for registration, after which students are not able to receive points if they have not registered properly. This incentivizes students to complete the registration process in a reasonable amount of time, and reduces the amount of time you spend on class management.

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