How to Run a Polling Session in iClicker Classic

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Select a course and click Start New Session

Underneath your course list you will see whether or not your base is plugged in and if iClicker Reef is enabled. The Start New Session and Resume Session options will be enabled if you have Reef enabled, but you MUST have your base plugged in for students with an iClicker remote to participate

The Session Toolbar appears in the top left corner of your computer screen (as shown below). You can reposition the toolbar anywhere on your desktop. The floating toolbar allows you to run iClicker with your presentation application(s). For example, if you use PowerPoint or Keynote, both your presentation and the iClicker toolbar will be active. The toolbar floats on top of other applications, such as Word, Acrobat, web browsers, etc. iClicker will take a screen shot of your desktop when polling is started. The screen shot can be viewed in gradebook when polling is over. 


The Session Toolbar includes options to perform the following:

A - Close or end the session
- Minimize and maximize the toolbar
C - Start/stop a poll
- Select the question type
E - Show/hide the results chart
F - Display the Options menu. This is where you can access the option to run demographics questions.

Instruct your students to turn on their devices

If your base station is not set to the default frequency AA, instruct students to change the frequency on their iClicker remotes.

Present a question to the class

Present questions to the class using a projector or verbally. You can use any program (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Docs, Word, Acrobat, etc.) to present a question to the class. Or, you may choose to verbally present a question. Simply state the question and answers choices.

Select the question type


Select the question type from the Session Toolbar (if necessary) to match the question presented to the class.

Set the polling mode

iClicker Classic supports two polling modes–record voting results and anonymous. The default mode is set to record voting results. You can switch between the modes before you start each question. Select the mode if it is not already set properly for the question. Use the Options (gear) menu to turn anonymous polling on/off. You can also run demographics questions during a session.

TIP: Anonymous polling questions are ideal, in that, students can respond to sensitive questions without worrying that you can link their responses to their student IDs later. Answers are not associated with a name or ID. Rather, the gradebook results for each student shows an "X" instead of the actual response for that question.

iClicker does capture the cumulative results so that you know how many students voted for each answer. Participation points may be assigned for these questions. However, the program does not assign performance points since there are no correct answers.


The label AP mode appears on the toolbar indicating the Anonymous Polling mode is enabled. No label appears when student results are recorded.

Press Start (>) to begin a poll


When polling is active, the Start (>) button switches to a Stop button and a timer appears. A counter on the far right of the toolbar displays how many students have voted. You can choose to show or hide the results during a poll by pressing the Chart button. All other options are disabled during a poll.

TIP: The base station LCD shows the polling results for an active poll. The information shown depends on the base station display settings. See Manage Course Settings.

NOTE: iClicker begins collecting votes after you select the Start button. On the iClicker 1 or iClicker + remotes, a green Vote Status light (next to each button) on the students' remotes indicates a response has been successfully recorded. On the iClicker 2 remote, a checkmark on the LCD screen indicates that a response has been successfully recorded.

Press Stop on the toolbar to end a poll

NOTE: iClicker stops collecting votes when you choose the Stop button. If students attempt to vote when polling is not active, on iClicker 1 and iClicker + remotes, the Vote Status light (next to each button) flashes red. On the iClicker 2 remotes, a closed session symbol appears on the LCD screen.

Choose to view the polling results

You can choose to show the polling results during or after a poll. Simply select on a bar to select/deselect it as the correct response. Alternatively, choose the correct response from the Answer pop-up menu in the top, left corner of the chart window. Before selecting an answer, each bar appears in a different color. After choosing the answer, the correct answer bar appears in green and the other bars appear in red.

Close the window when you are finished viewing the results.

End the session when you finish asking questions

Select the Close (X) button on the toolbar or choose Close Toolbar from the Options (gear) menu. The program ends the session, stores the student responses in the gradebook, and displays the iClicker home screen with your courses.