How to Use the iClicker Classic Gradebook

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You can use the Gradebook to view and grade results of previously run polling sessions. If you already set correct responses during the session, it is not necessary to make those updates after the session is over. However, if you did not indicate some or all of the correct responses, you must assign correct answers before students receive points for their responses. You can make changes to correct responses and grades at any time, if needed.

Navigate to the Gradebook

From the main iClicker screen, select your course and click Open Gradebook.

Review Gradebook options and student results data

When you open the Gradebook, iClicker Classic displays a window that shows your student roster, class summary data, and session results. The summary data includes total possible points for each session, average points, and average percent score. 

To review the session results, scroll through the student responses. The points shown include the earned performance points and participation points (if any). An Ab indicates that the student was absent or did not respond to any of the questions.

Student names appear in blue if a clicker is registered to that student. Any unregistered clickers (e.g., #45dd391) appear in red. Results are recorded for unregistered clickers and can be assigned to a student after a polling session. Select (double-click) an unregistered clicker to assign the clicker to a student.

A - Change the default Scoring settings for all new sessions
B - Generate session and summary reports
C - Export session results to a general- or LMS-formatted file
D - Synchronize unregistered clickers and/or iClicker Reef students to your roster
E - Summary results data for all sessions
F - Session results (session summary and student scores)

Additional notes:
  • If you are set up to sync with an LMS, two buttons appear–Sync Roster and Sync Scores.
  • You cannot use the Gradebook to manually edit an individual student's results. If you export results to an LMS or another gradebook, you can change them using that program.
  • Students using iClicker Reef mobile app will appear as "Unknown Reef User" in your roster until a) they have entered their student ID (as it appears in your roster) in their Reef profile and b) you have synchronized your roster by clicking the "Sync" icon.

Click View to open the Session Details window

From the Gradebook, click the View option to open a window with the Session Details.

View the Session Details window and select correct responses

In the Session details window, you can scroll through each question asked in the session–a screen capture is shown for each question. Double-click a screen capture to enlarge it. See your options in the Session Details window below.

A - Click Summary to view the session summary, change the session name, and delete a session.
B - Click Scoring to view/edit the session scoring for both performance and participation points.
C - Set the correct response for a question by clicking inside of the checkbox. You can also view voting details, and specify performance points awarded for the selected question.
D - Clicking Delete will remove a question. The question will still be accessible in the Session Details, but the results will not be used in scoring calculations. You can "Undelete" the question at any time, if needed.
E - Click View Chart to open the results chart for a question.
F - Click the arrows to move to next/previous questions.

Update scoring

When you click Scoring you can update the participation and performance settings for all questions in the session. When you're ready, click Done to save the scoring settings for the session and return to the Session Details window.

Participation points: Awarded to students who attend and vote during lecture (encouraging student engagement). To earn the session participation points, students must respond to a certain percentage of questions in a session. Depending upon the total number of questions, iClicker Classic automatically calculates the minimum number of responses needed. Example: If you select the all but one question option and there were 10 questions in a session, a student must respond to at least 9 of the 10 questions (correctly or incorrectly) to earn the participation points.

Performance points: Awarded to students by question for specific answers. Set the number of points earned for students who respond and/or select a correct response. You may also choose to set a limit for the total performance points awarded in a session.

  • Any changes made in this session scoring window will apply to the current session only. Visit the Gradebook tab of the Course Settings to change the default settings for all future sessions.
  • If you would like to make changes to scores for an individual student–including awarding partial credit–you cannot do this in the iClicker Classic Gradebook. You must export your session results from iClicker Classic and make changes directly in the Excel or csv document, or make changes directly in your LMS.

Save your changes

When you are done viewing/updating the Session Details, click Close. This will save any changes you made and you will see them reflected in the Gradebook.