View Results, Grade Responses, and Update Points Awarded in iClicker Classic

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After completing a session, you can use the Gradebook to view and grade results. You must assign correct answers before students receive points for their responses. If you would like, you can also adjust the scores for each question. For example, upon review you can assign more points for an especially difficult question.

1. Open the course Gradebook to review session results. The points shown include the earned performance points and participation points (if any). An Ab indicates that the student was absent or did not respond to any of the questions.

Student names appear in blue if a clicker (or Reef account if enabled) is registered to that student. Any unregistered clickers (e.g., #45dd391) appear in red. Results are recorded for unregistered clickers and can be assigned to a student after a polling session. Double-click an unregistered clicker to assign the clicker to a student.

NOTE: You cannot use the Gradebook to manually edit an individual student's results. However, you can export results to an LMS or excel file and change them using that program.

2. To grade results click View to display the Session Details window. 

Note: You can also grade results during the session by clicking the Results button.

3. Select the correct response for each question by clicking inside of the checkbox.

- Change the points awarded for a single question by double-clicking the points shown for a correct response. 
- Choose Delete Question to remove a question. The question is still shown, but the results are not used in the student or summary results calculations after the question is deleted.
- Choose Undelete Question if you accidentally delete a question or want to include the results for a deleted question in the summary calculations.
- Double-click a screen capture image to view it in full-screen mode.
- Click Summary to view a session summary or edit a session title.

4. Click Scoring to update the point settings for all of the questions in a session.

5. Update the point settings for all of the questions in a session.

IMPORTANT: Any changes made here in the Session Scoring window apply only to the current session. Use the Settings option on the Gradebook home page to change the default settings for any NEW sessions.

 6. Close the Session Details window to save and view the changes you've made.