How to Generate Reports in iClicker Classic

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iClicker allows you to prepare reports in Excel or HTML format for the sessions you ran during class. Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program capable of reading .xlsx formatted files is required if you choose to save as Excel. Use a spreadsheet application to open, review, print, and update the results.


Navigate to Reports

Open the course Gradebook and choose the Reports option.

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Specify Reports options

Specify the options and choose to prepare a report. You can choose an overall summary report, session summary report, student summary report, and a question detail report. You can include student name, student ID, and/or clicker ID. Reports can be formatted as Excel or HTML reports. The question detail report is available in CSV format only.

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Choose the session(s) to appear in the report(s) and click Next.

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Choose where you would like to save your report(s) and then open them to review. By default, reports are saved in the Reports folder located inside the class folder. After your file downloads, open the file to view report.

Overall Summary Report

The overall summary report shows a summary of sessions for the course, including the number of students who voted in class and the number of questions asked. If you also generated session summary reports, the sessions listed in the Name column will appear as hyperlinks. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the respective session summary report.


Session Summary Report

The session summary report gives a more detailed view of a session, including information about students in the course and in the session. Information for each question in the session is also available. Click on the question tabs in the reports (or question hyperlinks) to see specific information for each question.

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Session Summary Report - Question View

The question tab shows detailed information about a specific question in a session. It shows how each student answered; incorrect answers appear in red in the response column. A screen capture of the instructor's desktop during polling is shown, as well as the results chart for the question.

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Student Summary Report

The student summary report gives a more in-depth view for each student in the class. It shows the student's percentage, performance points, participation points and the number of points received for each session. A red Ab indicates the student was absent (did not answer any clicker questions in class for the session).

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Question Detail Report

The question detail report shows all answers for every student and all questions in a single session. Depending on the details you choose, it shows the name, clicker ID, student ID, and then always displays the total, percentage, and the responses for each question. If a correct answer is chosen, you will see that in brackets after the question heading. For example, for Question 1, the correct answer is C.

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