How to Run a Self-Paced Poll in iClicker Classic

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Self-Paced Polling (SPP) allows for students to complete graded assignments at their own pace and submit responses with an iClicker 2 remote. Before starting SPP, distribute a copy of the quiz/survey questions to your students.

Click below to view a video that walks through the steps for running and grading a self-paced polling session.

The Self-Paced menu

From the main iClicker screen, select the "Self-Paced" tab at the top of the window, where you can start a SPP session, create a answer key, or open an pre-created answer key.
You can start SPP with an answer key, or without an answer key. For details about SPP, view the information below.


    Start SPP with an answer key

    Using SPP with an answer key will automatically grade your students' responses.

    Create an answer key

    Select New Answer Key from the Self-Paced menu. the Answer Key window will appear, where you will input your answers and point values. Click the Up or Down arrows to select the number of questions. The table will adjust to show the number of questions you have selected. When your answer key is complete, click Save. A Save As window will appear and will prompt you to save your answer key in your class folder. You will then be ready to start a self-paced polling session using the answer key.


    • Answers can be A-E, numeric, or alphanumeric. You do not have to select the question type for your answer. Answers are not case sensitive.
    • By default, the number of points for each question matches the number of points for a correct answer that you set in My Settings (default setting is 1). You can change the number of points for each question on your answer key by clicking in the Points column and changing the number of points. Only the question that you have selected will be affected.
    • You can re-order questions by selecting a question and moving it with the Up/Down arrows.
    • You can edit your answer key later by selecting Open Answer Key from the Self-Paced menu, opening your answer key, and saving your changes.

    Start a SPP session

    From the Self-Paced menu, click Start Self-Paced Session. The Self-Paced Polling Settings window will appear. Under Polling Settings, choose I have an answer key. Browse for your answer key in your class folder and open it. Then, click Start Polling. The SPP Toolbar will appear and the session will automatically start.

    Start SPP without an answer key

    If you run SPP without an answer key, you will need to select correct answers for the session after class, like you would with a regular polling session.

    Start a SPP session

    Select Start Self-Paced Session from the Self-Paced menu. Choose your timing preferences under Polling Settings. Choose I do not have an answer key under Answer Key, then type in the number of questions you will be asking. When you are ready to begin, click Start Polling. The SPP Toolbar will appear and the session will automatically start.

    Using the SPP Toolbar

    Students can begin answering questions as soon as the self-paced polling toolbar opens. The SPP toolbar looks similar to the regular polling toolbar. It tracks SPP time, and the number of completed self-paced polls (i.e. completed quizzes/surveys).

    You can review real-time student progress by clicking the Progress Chart icon on the toolbar. A warning message will appear indicating that the progress chart should not be displayed for students to view as it contains student data. Click OK to dismiss the warning message.

    When you are ready to end the SPP, click the Stop button on the toolbar and close out the session.