Assign or Remove an Unregistered iClicker Remote

Document created by Digital Support on May 19, 2017Last modified by Digital Support on May 22, 2017
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Within the iClicker gradebook, you can assign or remove unregistered clickers. Assigning or removing an unregistered clicker is necessary ifthere was a problem with the clicker registration or a student dropped a class after a participating in a polling session. If you have a few unassigned clickers, follow the steps here. 

1. Double-click a clicker ID to view the Unregistered Clicker window.

2. Assign the clicker ID by choosing the correct student from the list. If a student to be assigned does not appear in the pop-up menu, you will need to add that student to the roster.txt file. Note: To delete the clicker ID from your Gradebook, simply click Remove

3. Once you have selected the correct student, click Save.

4. The clicker ID will be removed from your Gradebook and, if assigned to a student, the student's name will now appear blue.