How to Participate in a Polling Session with an iClicker Remote

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Make sure you register your iClicker Remote before participating in a poll.

Respond to a polling question using an iClicker remote

Use the buttons on your remote to enter your responses during a polling session. Wait for your instructor to present a question and start a poll.
  1. Verify that the frequency code is set to the correct frequency code. The frequency code briefly appears on the remote LCD when you power on the clicker. Your instructor will let you know the correct frequency for your course.
  2. Use your clicker to respond to a poll. Your response appears on the LCD with a check mark to show that your response was received.

Set the frequency code for an iClicker remote

The iClicker remote remembers the last saved frequency code. If you use the remote in only one class, it is not necessary to change the frequency again. The frequency briefly appears on the LCD screen each time you power on the remote.

To change the code:
  1. Press and hold the Power button until the LCD screen shows a flashing frequency code.
  2. Enter the desired frequency code using the clicker buttons.

A checkmark briefly appears on the remote LCD indicating that you successfully reset the frequency code.