i>clicker 6: Why do some of my student’s remote IDs not match the IDs that I see in the iClicker and iGrader software?

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Each i>clicker remote contains a unique remote ID that the i>clicker and i>grader software use to identify the remotes. Until recently, each i>clicker remote contained a unique 21-bit ID, which allowed for roughly 2 million unique ID combinations. There are now more than 2 million clickers in the market and in 2010 we ran out of 21-bit IDs. In order to address the issue, our newest remotes now have a 24-bit remote ID which allows for roughly 16 million unique ID combinations and will keep us going for many years to come.

The original i>clicker base was designed to receive 21-bit remote IDs only. Therefore, when the i>clicker base receives a vote from a remote with a 24-bit ID, the base translates that ID into a 21-bit ID. Technically, everything works fine, except that the ID in the i>clicker and i>grader software does not exactly match the ID on the student remote. This is why the remote ID in your software (the 21-bit ID) does not match the remote ID on the student remote (the 24-bit ID).

The difference in the IDs does not impact your student voting data or grades. You can use the new 24-bit ID student remotes with the old bases. Even though the old bases work with the new 24-bit ID remotes, beginning in 2011 we will start replacing all old bases with updated bases that more accurately recognize the 24-bit remote IDs. The new base will work seamlessly with the 21-bit ID remotes and the 24-bit ID remotes. The new base will also work with your existing student and class data. You will simply remove the old base, plug in the new base, and get back to teaching.

NOTE: If you have a base with firmware v03.03 or newer (see sticker on bottom of base), you will not experience this issue. All bases with firmware v03.03 and newer have been updated to recognize the 24-bit remote IDs.